(10 ILCS 5/24C-13)
    Sec. 24C-13. Vote by mail ballots; early voting ballots; proceedings at location for central counting; employees; approval of list.
    (a) All jurisdictions using Direct Recording Electronic Voting Systems shall use paper ballots or paper ballot sheets approved for use under Articles 16, 24A or 24B of this Code when conducting vote by mail voting. All vote by mail ballots shall be counted at the central ballot counting location of the election authority. The provisions of Section 24A-9, 24B-9 and 24C-9 of this Code shall apply to the testing and notice requirements for central count tabulation equipment, including comparing the signature on the ballot envelope with the signature of the voter on the permanent voter registration record card taken from the master file. Vote results shall be recorded by precinct and shall be added to the vote results for the precinct in which the vote by mail voter was eligible to vote prior to completion of the official canvass.
    (b) All proceedings at the location for central counting shall be under the direction of the county clerk or board of election commissioners. Except for any specially trained technicians required for the operation of the Direct Recording Electronic Voting System, the employees at the counting station shall be equally divided between members of the 2 leading political parties and all duties performed by the employees shall be by teams consisting of an equal number of members of each political party. Thirty days before an election the county clerk or board of election commissioners shall submit to the chair of each political party, for his or her approval or disapproval, a list of persons of his or her party proposed to be employed. If a chair fails to notify the election authority of his or her disapproval of any proposed employee within a period of 10 days thereafter the list shall be deemed approved.
(Source: P.A. 100-1027, eff. 1-1-19.)