(10 ILCS 5/16-5) (from Ch. 46, par. 16-5)
    Sec. 16-5. For all elections to which this article applies, the county clerks, in their respective counties, shall have charge of the printing of the ballots for all elections, including referenda, and shall furnish them to the judges of election. In municipalities and counties having a board of election commissioners, such board shall have charge of the printing of the ballots and furnish them to the judges of election within the territory under their jurisdiction. Ballots shall be printed and in possession of the respective election authorities at least two days before each election and subject to the inspection of candidates and their agents; if any mistakes be discovered they shall be corrected without delay. The election authority shall cause to be delivered to the judges of election at the polling place of each precinct or district, not less than twelve hours before the time fixed by law for the opening of the polls therein, at least 10% more ballots of the kind to be voted in such precinct or district than the number of voters registered therein for the purposes of such election, such ballots shall be put up in separate sealed packages, with marks on the outside clearly designating the polling place for which they are intended and the number of ballots enclosed, and receipt therefor shall be given by the judges of election to whom they are delivered, which receipt shall be preserved by the election authority. The election authority shall provide and retain at its office an ample supply of ballots, in addition to those distributed to the several voting precincts or districts, and if at any time on or before the day of election the ballots furnished to any precinct shall be lost, destroyed or exhausted before the polls are closed, on written application signed by a majority of the judges he or they shall immediately cause to be delivered to such judges at the polling place, such additional supply of ballots as may be required and sufficient to comply with the provisions of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 80-1469.)