(5 ILCS 615/16) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 5016)
    Sec. 16. The Department is hereby required to prescribe and publish, for the information of the public, all reasonable rules and regulations necessary for carrying out the provisions of this Act, and it may amend or rescind any rule or regulation promulgated by it under the authority contained herein: Provided, that no rule or regulation or amendment of the same or any order rescinding any rule or regulation shall become effective until after fifteen (15) days from the promulgation of the same by publication in a newspaper of general circulation published at the State capital and shall take effect and be in force at times specified therein. All rules and regulations of the Department and all amendments or revocations of existing rules and regulations shall be recorded in an appropriate book or books, shall be adequately indexed and shall be kept in the office of the Department and shall be and constitute a public record. Such rules and regulations of the Department shall be printed in pamphlet form and furnished to the public free of cost.
(Source: Laws 1951, p. 1167.)