(5 ILCS 430/20-45)
    Sec. 20-45. Standing; representation.
    (a) With the exception of a person appealing an Inspector General's determination under Section 5-45 of this Act or under applicable provisions of the Illinois Procurement Code, only an Executive Inspector General or the Attorney General may bring actions before the Executive Ethics Commission. The Attorney General may bring actions before the Executive Ethics Commission upon receipt of notice pursuant to Section 5-50 or Section 5-51 or pursuant to Section 5-45.
    (b) With the exception of Section 5-45, the Attorney General shall represent an Executive Inspector General in all proceedings before the Commission. Whenever the Attorney General is sick or absent, or unable to attend, or is interested in any matter or proceeding under this Act, upon the filing of a petition under seal by any person with standing, the Supreme Court (or any other court of competent jurisdiction as designated and determined by rule of the Supreme Court) may appoint some competent attorney to prosecute or defend that matter or proceeding, and the attorney so appointed shall have the same power and authority in relation to that matter or proceeding as the Attorney General would have had if present and attending to the same.
    (c) Attorneys representing an Inspector General in proceedings before the Executive Ethics Commission, except an attorney appointed under subsection (b), shall be appointed or retained by the Attorney General, shall be under the supervision, direction, and control of the Attorney General, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General. The compensation of any attorneys appointed or retained in accordance with this subsection or subsection (b) shall be paid by the appropriate Office of the Executive Inspector General.
(Source: P.A. 96-555, eff. 8-18-09.)