(5 ILCS 430/15-5)
    Sec. 15-5. Definitions. In this Article:
    "Public body" means (1) any officer, member, or State agency; (2) the federal government; (3) any local law enforcement agency or prosecutorial office; (4) any federal or State judiciary, grand or petit jury, law enforcement agency, or prosecutorial office; and (5) any officer, employee, department, agency, or other division of any of the foregoing.
    "Supervisor" means an officer, a member, or a State employee who has the authority to direct and control the work performance of a State employee or who has authority to take corrective action regarding any violation of a law, rule, or regulation of which the State employee complains.
    "Retaliatory action" means the reprimand, discharge, suspension, demotion, denial of promotion or transfer, or change in the terms or conditions of employment of any State employee, that is taken in retaliation for a State employee's involvement in protected activity, as set forth in Section 15-10.
(Source: P.A. 96-555, eff. 8-18-09.)