(5 ILCS 420/4A-106) (from Ch. 127, par. 604A-106)
    Sec. 4A-106. Persons filing statements with Secretary of State; notice; certification of list of names; alphabetical list; receipt; examination and copying of statements. The statements of economic interests required of persons listed in Section 4A-101 shall be filed with the Secretary of State. On or before February 1 annually, the chief administrative officer of any State agency in the executive, legislative, or judicial branch employing persons required to file under item (f) or item (l) of Section 4A-101 and the chief administrative officer of a board or panel described in item (n) or (p) of Section 4A-101 shall certify to the Secretary of State the names and mailing addresses of those persons. In preparing the lists, each chief administrative officer, or his or her designee, shall set out the names in alphabetical order.
    On or before April 1 annually, the Secretary of State shall notify (1) all persons whose names have been certified to him under items (f), (l), (n), and (p) of Section 4A-101, and (2) all persons described in items (a) through (e) and item (j) of Section 4A-101, other than candidates for office who have filed their statements with their nominating petitions, of the requirements for filing statements of economic interests. A person required to file with the Secretary of State by virtue of more than one position as listed in Section 4A-101, and filing his or her statement of economic interests in writing, rather than through the Internet-based system, shall be notified of and is required to file only one statement of economic interests relating to all items under which the person is required to file with the Secretary of State.
    Except as provided in Section 4A-106.1, the notices provided for in this Section shall be in writing and deposited in the U.S. Mail, properly addressed, first class postage prepaid, on or before the day required by this Section for the sending of the notice. A certificate executed by the Secretary of State attesting that he or she has sent the notice by the means permitted by this Section constitutes prima facie evidence thereof.
    Any person who files or has filed a statement of economic interest under this Section is entitled to receive from the Secretary of State a receipt indicating that the person has filed such a statement, the date of such filing, and the identity of the governmental unit or units in relation to which the filing is required.
    The Secretary of State may employ such employees and consultants as he considers necessary to carry out his duties hereunder, and may prescribe their duties, fix their compensation, and provide for reimbursement of their expenses.
    All statements of economic interests filed under this Section shall be available for examination and copying by the public at all reasonable times. Not later than 12 months after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 93rd General Assembly, beginning with statements filed in calendar year 2004, the Secretary of State shall make statements of economic interests filed with the Secretary available for inspection and copying via the Secretary's website.
(Source: P.A. 101-221, eff. 8-9-19.)