(5 ILCS 375/9) (from Ch. 127, par. 529)
    Sec. 9. (a) The eligible member shall be responsible for his or her portion of the premiums, charges or other fees for all elected coverages or benefits, which shall be paid by means of the acceptance of a reduction in earnings or the foregoing of an increase in earnings by an employee; provided, however, subject to rules and regulations promulgated by the Department, the eligible member may make personal payment of the premium, charge or fee for any wellness programs implemented under the program of health benefits. All contributions and payments by the eligible members and the State for all elected coverages and benefits shall be deposited in the Health Insurance Reserve Fund. The Department may determine the aggregate level of contribution required under this Section on the basis of actual cost of services adjusted for age, sex or the geographical or other demographic characteristics which affect costs of the benefit.
    (b) If a member is not entitled to receive any salary, wages or other compensation during a period in which premiums, charges or other fees are due or does not receive compensation sufficient to allow deduction of the required payment of the premium, charge or other fee, such member may continue the contributory benefit in effect by making personal payment of the premium, charge or other fee for the period in such manner, in such amount, and for such duration, as may be prescribed in rules and regulations promulgated for the administration of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 91-390, eff. 7-30-99.)