(5 ILCS 375/13) (from Ch. 127, par. 533)
    Sec. 13. There is established a Group Insurance Premium Fund administered by the Director which shall include: (1) amounts paid by covered members for optional life insurance and (2) refunds which may be received from (a) the group carrier or carriers which may result from favorable experience as described in Section 12 herein or (b) from any other source from which the State is reasonably and properly entitled to refund as a result of the life insurance program. The Group Insurance Premium Fund shall be a continuing fund not subject to fiscal year limitations.
    The State of Illinois shall at least once each month make payment on behalf of each member, except one who is a member by virtue of participation in a program created under subsection (i), (j), (k), or (l) of Section 10 of this Act, to the appropriate carrier or, if applicable, carriers insuring State members under the contracted group life insurance program authorized by this Act.
    Refunds to members for premiums paid for coverage may be paid from the Group Insurance Premium Fund without regard to the fact that the premium being refunded may have been paid in a different fiscal year.
(Source: P.A. 95-632, eff. 9-25-07.)