(5 ILCS 315/12) (from Ch. 48, par. 1612)
    Sec. 12. Mediation.
    (a) The State and Local Panels in joint session shall establish a Public Employees Mediation Roster, the services of which shall be available to public employers and to labor organizations upon request of the parties for the purposes of mediation of grievances or contract disputes. Upon the request of either party, services of the Public Employees Mediation Roster shall be available for purposes of arbitrating disputes over interpretation or application of the terms of an agreement pursuant to Section 8. The members of the Roster shall be appointed by majority vote of the members of both panels. Members shall be impartial, competent, and reputable citizens of the United States, residents of the State of Illinois, and shall qualify by taking and subscribing to the constitutional oath or affirmation of office. The function of the mediator shall be to communicate with the employer and exclusive representative or their representatives and to endeavor to bring about an amicable and voluntary settlement. Compensation of Roster members for services performed as mediators shall be paid equally by the parties to a mediated labor dispute. The Board shall have authority but not the obligation to promulgate regulations setting compensation levels for members of the Roster, and establishing procedures for suspension or dismissal of mediators for good cause shown following hearing.
    (b) A mediator in a mediated labor dispute shall be selected by the Board from among the members of the Roster.
    (c) Nothing in this Act or any other law prohibits the use of other mediators selected by the parties for the resolution of disputes over interpretation or application of the terms or conditions of the collective bargaining agreements between a public employer and a labor organization.
    (d) If requested by the parties to a labor dispute, a mediator may perform fact-finding as set forth in Section 13.
(Source: P.A. 98-535, eff. 1-1-14.)