(5 ILCS 312/2-102.7)
    Sec. 2-102.7. Registration of electronic notarization technology.
    (a) Notaries holding an electronic notary public commission shall register the capability to notarize electronically before performing any electronic notarial acts with the Secretary of State. The registration shall be made with the Secretary of State every time an electronic notary public adopts a new or additional technology with which to perform electronic notarial acts and the technology or vendor must first be approved by the Secretary of State.
    (b) Prior to any electronic notarial acts being performed in this State, the vendor of electronic notarization technology must submit the technology to the Secretary of State and receive approval by the Secretary of State for use in this State.
    (c) The Secretary of State shall adopt rules applicable to this Section, setting forth the standards electronic notary platforms must achieve to be approved for use in the State of Illinois and requirements with which vendors of electronic notary platforms must comply.
(Source: P.A. 102-160, eff. 6-5-23 (See Section 91 of P.A. 103-562 for effective date of P.A. 102-160).)