(5 ILCS 265/1) (from Ch. 103, par. 15)
    Sec. 1. Whenever any county officer, who has been heretofore elected to any office in any county in this state, shall, for any cause, continue in office after the time for which he was elected, such officer so continuing in office shall execute a new official bond in the same manner, of the same character, with the same conditions and penalties and like securities as now required by law of such officer before entering upon the duties of his office. Should any county officer fail, neglect or refuse to execute such new bond, as above provided, within thirty days after the expiration of the time for which he was elected, the county board of such county may declare such office vacant. The liabilities of the principal and securities of any such bond shall continue during the continuance of such officer in office; but neither the execution of such bond nor the failure to execute the same shall be held to in any wise release or extinguish the liabilities of such officer or his securities on any bond executed by them before the execution of such new bond.
(Source: Laws 1881, p. 62.)