(5 ILCS 220/3.7) (from Ch. 127, par. 743.7)
    Sec. 3.7. (a) Any 2 or more contiguous counties of this State, upon adoption of ordinances by the governing bodies, may, by intergovernmental agreement, form a Regional Juvenile Detention Authority to coordinate the construction of a Regional Juvenile Detention Facility.
    (b) The governing body of an Authority created under this Section shall consist of the County Board Chairman, the County Sheriff and the State's Attorney of each member county. Each member shall serve as long as he continues to hold his county office. The County Board Chairman of the most populous member county shall preside at the first organizational meeting of the Authority. At the first organizational meeting, the Authority shall elect a chairman from among its members to serve a 2 year term. No chairman shall remain chairman after losing his county office. The Authority shall adopt bylaws and elect officers and may establish a staff.
    (c) An Authority may apply for and accept funding from participating units of government, any other unit of local, State or federal government or any private entity.
(Source: P.A. 86-669.)