(5 ILCS 175/5-125)
    Sec. 5-125. Original.
    (a) Where a rule of law requires information to be presented or retained in its original form, or provides consequences for the information not being presented or retained in its original form, that rule of law is satisfied by an electronic record if there exists reliable assurance as to the integrity of the information from the time when it was first generated in its final form, as an electronic record or otherwise.
    (b) The criteria for assessing integrity shall be whether the information has remained complete and unaltered, apart from the addition of any endorsement or other information that arises in the normal course of communication, storage and display. The standard of reliability required to ensure that information has remained complete and unaltered shall be assessed in the light of the purpose for which the information was generated and in the light of all the relevant circumstances.
    (c) The provisions of this Section do not apply to any record that serves as a unique and transferable instrument of rights and obligations including, without limitation, negotiable instruments and other instruments of title wherein possession of the instrument is deemed to confer title, unless an electronic version of such record is created, stored, and transferred in a manner that allows for the existence of only one unique, identifiable, and unalterable original with the functional attributes of an equivalent physical instrument, that can be possessed by only one person, and which cannot be copied except in a form that is readily identifiable as a copy.
(Source: P.A. 90-759, eff. 7-1-99.)