(5 ILCS 100/5-60) (from Ch. 127, par. 1005-60)
    Sec. 5-60. Regulatory agenda. An agency shall submit for publication in the Illinois Register by January 1 and July 1 of each year a regulatory agenda to elicit public comments concerning any rule that the agency is considering proposing but for which no notice of proposed rulemaking activity has been submitted to the Illinois Register. A regulatory agenda shall consist of summaries of those rules. Each summary shall, in less than 2,000 words, contain the following when practicable:
        (1) A description of the rule.
        (2) The statutory authority the agency is exercising.
        (3) A schedule of the dates for any hearings,
meetings, or other opportunities for public participation in the development of the rule.
        (4) The date the agency anticipates submitting a
notice of proposed rulemaking activity, if known.
        (5) The name, address, email address, and telephone
number of the agency representative who is knowledgeable about the rule, from whom any information may be obtained, and to whom written comments may be submitted concerning the rule.
        (6) A statement whether the rule will affect small
businesses, not for profit corporations, or small municipalities as defined in this Act.
        (7) Any other information that may serve the public
    Nothing in this Section shall preclude an agency from adopting a rule that has not been summarized in a regulatory agenda or from adopting a rule different than one summarized in a regulatory agenda if in the agency head's best judgment it is necessary. If an agency finds that a situation exists that requires adoption of a rule that was not summarized on either of the 2 most recent regulatory agendas, it shall state its reasons in writing together with the facts that form their basis upon filing the notice of proposed rulemaking with the Secretary of State under Section 5-40. Nothing in this Section shall require an agency to adopt a rule summarized in a regulatory agenda. The Secretary of State shall adopt rules necessary for the publication of a regulatory agenda, including but not limited to standard submission forms and deadlines.
(Source: P.A. 103-390, eff. 7-28-23.)