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SB2407 EnrolledLRB099 17253 KTG 41611 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Department of Human Services Act is amended
5by adding Section 10-47 as follows:
6    (20 ILCS 1305/10-47 new)
7    Sec. 10-47. Teen Responsibility, Education, Achievement,
8Caring, and Hope (Teen REACH) Grant Program.
9    (a) It is the purpose and intent of this Section to
10establish a State grant program to support local communities in
11providing after-school opportunities for youth 6 to 17 years of
12age that will improve their likelihood for future success,
13provide positive choices, reduce at-risk behaviors, and
14develop career goals.
15    (b) Subject to appropriation, the Department shall award
16competitive grants under a Teen Responsibility, Education,
17Achievement, Caring, and Hope (Teen REACH) Grant Program to
18community-based agencies in accordance with this Section and
19other rules and regulations that may be adopted by the
21    (c) Successful grantees under the Teen REACH grant program
22shall plan and implement activities that address outcomes
23associated with 6 core services:



SB2407 Enrolled- 2 -LRB099 17253 KTG 41611 b

1        (1) the improvement of educational performance;
2        (2) life skills education;
3        (3) parental education;
4        (4) recreation, sports, cultural, and artistic
5    activities;
6        (5) the development of positive adult mentors; and
7        (6) service learning opportunities.
8    (d) Successful grantees under the Teen REACH grant program
9shall be in compliance with policies and procedures on program,
10data, and expense reporting as developed by the Department, in
11consultation with the Governor's Office of Management and
13    (e) The Department may adopt any rules necessary to
14implement this Section.