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SR0173LRB098 11339 MST 42776 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Suzy Yehl Marta of Palatine; and
4    WHEREAS, Suzy Marta was the founder of Rainbows for All
5Children, an organization dedicated to helping children
6struggling with divorce or the death of a parent; over the
7course of the past 30 years it has grown into a worldwide
8movement; and
9    WHEREAS, Founded in 1983, Rainbows for All Children, with
10the aid of parent volunteers, launched weekend retreats for
11grieving youths through Suzy Marta's church and the Chicago
12Archdiocese drawing more than 800 children in the first 3
13years; Suzy Marta named the program after rainbows to reflect
14the promise of life after one comes through the storm of hurt
15and grief; and
16    WHEREAS, Rainbows for All Children is now in all 50 states
17and 18 countries and has helped more than 2.7 million children
18since its inception; and
19    WHEREAS, Silver Linings, a crisis response program, was
20designed by Suzy Marta and other Rainbows for All Children
21staff to be used after a community or large-scale disaster;



SR0173- 2 -LRB098 11339 MST 42776 r

1over 600 copies were distributed after the terrorist attacks of
29/11 and thousands after Hurricane Katrina; they were even
3translated into Japanese and used after the tsunami; and
4    WHEREAS, Suzy Marta is survived by her son, Tim Yehl; her
5husband, Martin; her children, Michael Yehl, Thomas (Donna)
6Yehl, Timothy (Katherine) Yehl, Peter (Nihal) Marta, David
7Marta, and Kathryn Marta; and her 8 grandchildren; therefore,
8be it
10ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, That we mourn the passing of
11Suzy Marta, and we extend our sincere condolences to her
12family, friends, and all who knew and loved her; and be it
14    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
15presented to the family of Suzy Marta as an expression of our
16deepest sympathy.