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Full Text of SB0647  103rd General Assembly


Rep. Camille Y. Lilly

Filed: 5/3/2024





10300SB0647ham002LRB103 03100 RLC 72968 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 647 on page 7,
3line 23, by inserting "within 12 months" after "occurring";
5on page 8, line 15, by deleting "and the Medical Licensing
6Board"; and
7on page 9, by replacing lines 2 through 13 with the following:
8        "(2) Upon the Department of Human Services providing
9    written information to birthing hospitals, all birthing
10    hospitals shall provide new mothers, prior to discharge
11    following childbirth, and, if possible, shall provide
12    fathers and other family members with complete information
13    about maternal mental health conditions, including their
14    symptoms, methods of coping with the illness, treatment
15    resources, post-hospital treatment options, and community
16    resources. Hospitals shall supplement the resources



10300SB0647ham002- 2 -LRB103 03100 RLC 72968 a

1    provided by the Department to include relevant resources
2    offered by the hospital, in the region, or community in
3    which the birthing hospital is located, if available.
4    Resources may be provided in an electronic format such as
5    website links or QR Codes."; and
6on page 11, line 1, by deleting "and the Medical Licensing
7Board"; and
8on page 11, line 3, by inserting after the period the
10"Health care professionals or organizations representing
11health care professionals with expertise in the treatment of
12maternal mental health conditions shall be consulted in the
13development of the educational materials."; and
14on page 11, line 4, by replacing "2021" with "2026 2021".