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Full Text of HB4409  103rd General Assembly


Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy

Filed: 3/6/2024





10300HB4409ham001LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4409 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009 is
5amended by changing Section 20 as follows:
6    (730 ILCS 190/20)
7    Sec. 20. Adult Redeploy Illinois.
8    (a) Purpose. When justice-impacted individuals offenders
9are accurately assessed for risk, assets, and needs, it is
10possible to identify which people should be sent to prison and
11which people can be effectively supervised in the locality. By
12providing financial incentives to counties or judicial
13circuits to create effective local-level evidence-based
14services, it is possible to reduce crime and recidivism at a
15lower cost to taxpayers. Based on this model, this Act hereby
16creates the Adult Redeploy Illinois program for



10300HB4409ham001- 2 -LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a

1probation-eligible justice-impacted individuals offenders in
2order to increase public safety and encourage the successful
3local supervision of eligible justice-impacted individuals
4offenders and their reintegration into the locality.
5    (a-5) For the purpose of this Section, "justice-impacted
6individual" has the same meaning as "offender" in Section 5 of
7this Act.
8    (b) The Adult Redeploy Illinois program shall allocate
9reallocate State funds to local jurisdictions that
10successfully establish a process to assess justice-impacted
11individuals offenders and provide a continuum of locally based
12sanctions and treatment alternatives for justice-impacted
13individuals offenders who would be incarcerated in a State
14facility if those local services and sanctions did not exist.
15Funds shall be distributed via a grant program The allotment
16of funds shall be based on a formula that rewards local
17jurisdictions for the establishment or expansion of local
18supervision programs and requires them to pay the amount
19determined in subsection (e) if incarceration targets as
20defined in subsection (e) are not met.
21    (c) Each county or circuit participating in the Adult
22Redeploy Illinois program shall create a local plan describing
23how it will protect public safety and reduce the county or
24circuit's utilization of incarceration in State facilities or
25local county jails by the creation or expansion of
26individualized services or programs.



10300HB4409ham001- 3 -LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a

1    (d) Based on the local plan, a county or circuit shall
2enter into an agreement with the Adult Redeploy Oversight
3Board described in subsection (e) to reduce the number of
4commitments of probation-eligible justice-impacted
5individuals offenders to State correctional facilities from
6that county or circuit. The agreement shall include a pledge
7from the county or circuit to reduce their commitments by 25%
8of the level of commitments from the average number of
9commitments for the past 3 years of eligible justice-impacted
10individuals offenders. In return, the county or circuit shall
11receive, based upon a formula described in subsection (e),
12funds to redeploy for local programming for justice-impacted
13individuals offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated such
14as management and supervision, electronic monitoring, and drug
15testing. The county or circuit shall also be penalized, as
16described in subsection (e), for failure to reach the goal of
17reduced commitments stipulated in the agreement.
18    (d-5) Subject to appropriation to the Illinois Criminal
19Justice Information Authority, the Adult Redeploy Illinois
20Oversight Board described in subsection (e) may provide grant
21funds to qualified organizations that can assist local
22jurisdictions in training, development, and technical
24    (e) Adult Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board; members;
26        (1) The Adult Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board is



10300HB4409ham001- 4 -LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a

1    created to oversee, provide guidance, and develop an
2    administrative structure for the Adult Redeploy Illinois
3    Program. Once all members have been appointed as outlined
4    in this subsection (e), the Board may exercise any power,
5    perform any function, take any action, or do anything in
6    furtherance of its purposes and goals upon the appointment
7    of a quorum of its members.
8        (2) The membership of the Oversight Board shall
9    consist of the following:
10            (A) The Secretary of Human Services or a designee,
11        who shall serve as co-chair;
12            (B) The Director of Corrections or a designee, who
13        shall serve as co-chair;
14            (C) The Executive Director of the Illinois
15        Criminal Justice Information Authority or a designee;
16            (D) The Executive Director of the Sentencing
17        Policy Advisory Council or a designee;
18            (E) The Chair or Executive Director of the
19        Prisoner Review Board or a designee;
20            (F) The Cook County State's Attorney or a
21        designee;
22            (G) The Cook County Public Defender or a designee;
23            (H) The Attorney General or a designee;
24            (I) The State Appellate Defender or a designee;
25            (J) A representative of Cook County Adult
26        Probation appointed by the Chief Judge of the Circuit



10300HB4409ham001- 5 -LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a

1        Court of Cook County;
2            (K) A representative of Sangamon County Adult
3        Probation appointed by the Chief Circuit Judge of the
4        Seventh Judicial Circuit;
5            (L) The following additional members, each of whom
6        shall be appointed by majority vote by the Oversight
7        Board:
8                (i) A State's Attorney selected by the
9            President of the Illinois State's Attorneys
10            Association;
11                (ii) 4 representatives from non-governmental
12            organizations, including, but not limited to,
13            service providers; and
14                (iii) 2 individuals who were participants in
15            Adult Redeploy Illinois-funded programs. The
16            Secretary of Human Services and the Director of
17            Corrections shall within 3 months after January 1,
18            2010 (the effective date of Public Act 96-761)
19            convene and act as co-chairs of an oversight board
20            to oversee the Adult Redeploy Program. The Board
21            shall include, but not be limited to, designees
22            from the Prisoner Review Board, Office of the
23            Attorney General, Illinois Criminal Justice
24            Information Authority, and Sentencing Policy
25            Advisory Council; the Cook County State's Attorney
26            or a designee; a State's Attorney selected by the



10300HB4409ham001- 6 -LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a

1            President of the Illinois State's Attorneys
2            Association; the State Appellate Defender or a
3            designee; the Cook County Public Defender or a
4            designee; a representative of Cook County Adult
5            Probation, a representative of DuPage County Adult
6            Probation; a representative of Sangamon County
7            Adult Probation; and 4 representatives from
8            non-governmental organizations, including service
9            providers.
10        (3) Members shall serve without compensation but shall
11    be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the
12    performance of their duties.
13        (4) (2) The Oversight Board shall within one year
14    after January 1, 2010 (the effective date of Public Act
15    96-761):
16            (A) Develop a process to solicit applications from
17        and identify jurisdictions to be included in the Adult
18        Redeploy Illinois program.
19            (B) Define categories of membership for local
20        entities to participate in the creation and oversight
21        of the local Adult Redeploy Illinois program.
22            (C) Establish a grant program Develop a formula
23        for the allotment of funds to local jurisdictions for
24        local and community-based services in lieu of
25        commitment to the Department of Corrections and a
26        penalty amount for failure to reach the goal of



10300HB4409ham001- 7 -LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a

1        reduced commitments stipulated in the plans.
2            (D) Develop a standard format for the local plan
3        to be submitted by the local entity created in each
4        county or circuit.
5            (E) Identify and secure resources sufficient to
6        support the administration and evaluation of Adult
7        Redeploy Illinois.
8            (F) Develop a process to support ongoing
9        monitoring and evaluation of Adult Redeploy Illinois.
10            (G) Review local plans and proposed agreements and
11        approve the distribution of resources.
12            (H) Develop a performance measurement system that
13        includes but is not limited to the following key
14        performance indicators: recidivism, rate of
15        revocations, employment rates, education achievement,
16        successful completion of substance abuse treatment
17        programs, and payment of victim restitution. Each
18        county or circuit shall include the performance
19        measurement system in its local plan and provide data
20        annually to evaluate its success.
21            (I) Report annually the results of the performance
22        measurements on a timely basis to the Governor and
23        General Assembly.
24        (5) (3) The Oversight Board shall:
25            (A) Develop a process to solicit grant
26        applications from eligible training, development, and



10300HB4409ham001- 8 -LRB103 35995 RLC 70520 a

1        technical assistance organizations.
2            (B) Review grant applications and proposed grant
3        agreements and approve the distribution of resources.
4            (C) Develop a process to support ongoing
5        monitoring of training, development, and technical
6        assistance grantees.
7        (6) Grant funds awarded pursuant to this Section shall
8    be administered by the Illinois Criminal Justice
9    Information Authority, in coordination with the Oversight
10    Board, and shall be consistent with the requirements of
11    the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act.
12        (7) The Illinois Criminal Justice Information
13    Authority shall provide administrative support to the
14    Adult Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board.
15(Source: P.A. 103-8, eff. 6-7-23.)".