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Full Text of SB0915  102nd General Assembly


Sen. Patrick J. Joyce

Filed: 4/19/2021





10200SB0915sam001LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 915 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The State Parks Designation Act is amended by
5changing Sections 1, 3, 3.3, 6, and 7 and by adding Section 3.4
6as follows:
7    (20 ILCS 840/1)  (from Ch. 105, par. 468g)
8    Sec. 1. The following described areas are designated State
9Parks. Sites are designated as such by exhibiting exceptional
10scenic and natural features and terrain that warrant state
11level significance and that offer a wide range of recreational
12opportunities for the public to enjoy. The intended usage of
13these sites blends in the protection of the natural resources;
14including plant and animal communities, cultural and historic
15resources in a way that appeals to a large number of people in
16a variety of ways and have the names herein ascribed to them:



10200SB0915sam001- 2 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park, in Lake
3    Apple River Canyon State Park, in Jo Daviess County;
4    Argyle Lake State Park, in McDonough County;
5    Beall Woods State Park, in Wabash County;
6    Beaver Dam State Park, in Macoupin County;
7    Buffalo Rock State Park, in LaSalle County;
8    Castle Rock State Park, in Ogle County;
9    Cave-in-Rock State Park, in Hardin County;
10    Chain O'Lakes State Park, in Lake and McHenry Counties;
11    Channahon State Park, in Will County
12    Delabar State Park, in Henderson County;
13    Dixon State Park, in Lee County;
14    Dixon Springs State Park, in Pope County;
15    Eagle Creek State Park, in Shelby County;
16    Edward R. Madigan State Park, in Logan County;
17    Eldon Hazlet State Park, in Clinton County;
18    Ferne Clyffe State Park, in Johnson County;
19    Fort Creve Coeur State Park, in Tazewell County;
20    Fort Defiance State Park, in Alexander County;
21    Fort Massac State Park, in Massac County;
22    Fox Ridge State Park, in Coles County;
23    Frank Holten State Park, in St. Clair County;
24    Funk's Grove State Park, in McLean County;
25    Gebhard Woods State Park, in Grundy County;
26    Giant City State Park, in Jackson and Union Counties;



10200SB0915sam001- 3 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Goose Lake Prairie State Park, in Grundy County;
2    Hazel and Bill Rutherford Wildlife Prairie State Park, in
3Peoria County;
4    Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park, in Bureau, Henry, Rock
5Island, Lee and Whiteside Counties;
6    Horseshoe Lake State Park, in Madison and St. Clair
8    Illini State Park, in LaSalle County;
9    Illinois and Michigan Canal State Park, in the counties of
10Cook, Will, Grundy, DuPage and LaSalle;
11    James "Pate" Philip State Park, in Cook, DuPage, and Kane
13    Johnson Sauk Trail State Park, in Henry County;
14    Jubilee College State Park, in Peoria County, excepting
15Jubilee College State Historic Site as described in Section
167.1 of the Historic Preservation Act;
17    Kankakee River State Park, in Kankakee and Will Counties
19    Kickapoo State Park, in Vermilion County;
20    Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park, in Stephenson County;
21    Lake Murphysboro State Park, in Jackson County;
22    Laurence C. Warren State Park, in Cook County;
23    Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park, in Macon County;
24    Lincoln Trail State Park, in Clark County;
25    Lowden State Park, in Ogle County;
26    Matthiessen State Park, in LaSalle County;



10200SB0915sam001- 4 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    McHenry Dam and Lake Defiance State Park, in McHenry
3    Mississippi Palisades State Park, in Carroll County;
4    Moraine Hills State Park, in McHenry County;
5    Moraine View State Park, in McLean County;
6    Morrison-Rockwood State Park, in Whiteside County;
7    Nauvoo State Park, in Hancock County, containing Horton
9    Pere Marquette State Park, in Jersey County;
10    Prophetstown State Park, in Whiteside County;
11    Pyramid State Park, in Perry County;
12    Railsplitter State Park, in Logan County;
13    Ramsey Lake State Park, in Fayette County;
14    Red Hills State Park, in Lawrence County;
15    Rock Cut State Park, in Winnebago County, containing
16Pierce Lake;
17    Rock Island Trail State Park, in Peoria and Stark
19    Sam Parr State Park, in Jasper County;
20    Sangchris Lake State Park, in Christian and Sangamon
22    Shabbona Lake and State Park, in DeKalb County;
23    Siloam Springs State Park, in Brown and Adams Counties;
24    Silver Springs State Park, in Kendall County;
25    South Shore State Park, in Clinton County;
26    Spitler Woods State Park, in Macon County;



10200SB0915sam001- 5 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Starved Rock State Park, in LaSalle County;
2    Stephen A. Forbes State Park, in Marion County;
3    Walnut Point State Park, in Douglas County;
4    Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, in Franklin County;
5    Weinberg-King State Park, in Schuyler County;
6    Weldon Springs State Park, in DeWitt County;
7    White Pines Forest State Park, in Ogle County;
8    William G. Stratton State Park, in Grundy County;
9    Wolf Creek State Park, in Shelby County.
10(Source: P.A. 100-695, eff. 8-3-18; 101-81, eff. 7-12-19.)
11    (20 ILCS 840/3)  (from Ch. 105, par. 468i)
12    Sec. 3. The following described areas are designated State
13Fish and Wildlife Areas (SFWA's) and sites are designated as
14such by their purpose to reserve land and water areas for
15production and conservation of fish or wildlife and to provide
16hunting, fishing, trapping, observation, and other forms of
17compatible recreational use. Game Propagation Centers are
18areas of land or water reserved for production of fish or
19wildlife. They Conservation Areas and shall have the names
20herein ascribed to them, to wit:
21    Anderson Lake SFWA Conservation Area, in Fulton County;
22    Banner Marsh SFWA, in Peoria County;
23    Beall Woods Nature Preserve and Conservation Area, in
24Wabash County;
25    Big Bend SFWA, in Whiteside County;



10200SB0915sam001- 6 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Burning Star SFWA, in Jackson County;
2    Cape Bend SFWA, in Alexander County;
3    Carlyle Lake SFWA, in Fayette County;
4    Burnham Island Conservation Area, in Alexander County;
5    Calhoun County Conservation Area, in Calhoun County;
6    Coffeen Lake SFWA, in Montgomery County;
7    Copperhead Hollow SFWA, in Jersey County;
8    Crawford County SFWA, in Crawford County;
9    DePue Lake SFWA, in Bureau County;
10    Des Plaines SFWA Conservation Area, in Will County;
11    Des Plaines Game Propagation Center, in Will County;
12    Des Plaines SFWA, in Will County;
13    Devil's Island SFWA, in Alexander County;
14    Donnelley SFWA, in Bureau County;
15    Double T SFWA, in Fulton County;
16    Hamilton County SFWA Conservation Area, in Hamilton
17County, containing Dolan Lake;
18    Heidecke Lake SFWA, in Grundy County;
19    Henderson Creek SFWA, in Mercer County;
20    Horseshoe Lake SFWA Conservation Area, in Alexander
22    Iroquois County SFWA Conservation Area, in Iroquois
24    James C Helfrich Game Propagation Center, in Logan County;
25    Green River SFWA, in Lee County;
26    Kaskaskia River SFWA, in Randolph County;



10200SB0915sam001- 7 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Kinkaid Lake SFWA, in Jackson County;
2    LaSalle Lake SFWA, in LaSalle County;
3    Lee County Conservation Area, in Lee County;
4    Louis H. Barkhausen Conservation Area, in Mason County;
5    Mackinaw SFWA, in Tazewell County;
6    Marseilles SFWA, in LaSalle County;
7    Marshall County SFWA Conservation Area, in Marshall
9    Mautino SFWA, in Bureau County;
10    Mazonia Braidwood SFWA, in Grundy County;
11    Meredosia Lake SFWA, in Cass and Morgan Counties;
12    Mermet Lake SFWA Conservation Area, in Massac County;
13    Middle Fork SFWA, in Vermilion County;
14    Mississippi River Area SFWA, in Calhoun County;
15    Mount Vernon Game Propagation Center, in Jefferson County;
16    Newton Lake SFWA, in Jasper County;
17    Peabody River King SFWA, in St Clair County;
18    Pekin Lake SFWA Conservation Area, in Tazewell County;
19    Powerton Lake SFWA, in Tazewell County;
20    Ray Norbut SFWA, in Pike County;
21    Rend Lake SFWA, in Jefferson County;
22    Randolph County Conservation Area, in Randolph County;
23    Rice Lake SFWA Conservation Area, in Fulton County;
24    Saline County SFWA Conservation Area, in Saline County;
25    Sam Dale Lake SFWA Conservation Area, in Wayne County;
26    Sanganois SFWA Conservation Area, in Cass and Mason



10200SB0915sam001- 8 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

2    Shelbyville SFWA, in Shelby and Moultrie Counties;
3    Snakeden Hollow SFWA, in Knox County;
4    Sparland Conservation Area, in Marshall County;
5    Spring Branch Conservation Area, in Peoria County;
6    Spring Lake SFWA Conservation Area, in Tazewell County;
7    Ten Mile Creek SFWA, in Hamilton County;
8    Turkey Bluffs SFWA, in Randolph County;
9    Union County SFWA Conservation Area, in Union County;
10    Washington County Conservation Area, in Washington County;
11    William W. Powers Conservation Area, in Cook County;
12    Woodford County SFWA Conservation Area, in Woodford
14(Source: P.A. 89-445, eff. 2-7-96.)
15    (20 ILCS 840/3.3)
16    Sec. 3.3. State natural areas. State natural areas (SNA's)
17are areas of land in public ownership which, either retains or
18has recovered to a substantial degree its original natural or
19primeval character, though it need not be completely
20undisturbed, or has floral, faunal, ecological, geological or
21archaeological features of scientific, educational, scenic or
22esthetic interest. The following described areas are
23designated State Natural Areas and shall have the names
24ascribed to them in this Section:
25    Alorton Heron Rookery SNA in St. Clair County;



10200SB0915sam001- 9 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Annbriar Karst SNA in Monroe County;
2    Ayers Sand Prairie SNA in Carroll County;
3    Barton-Sommer Woodland SNA in Mason and Menard Counties;
4    Berryville Shale Glade SNA in Union County;
5    Big Grand Pierre Glade SNA in Pope County;
6    Black Crown Marsh SNA in McHenry County;
7    Brown Barrens SNA in Union County;
8    Burton Cave SNA in Adams County;
9    Cache River SNA in Johnson County;
10    Calamus Lake SNA in Macon County;
11    Cecil White Prairie SNA in Hancock County;
12    Cedar Glen SNA in Hancock County;
13    Cedar Lake Bog SNA in Lake County;
14    Chauncey Marsh SNA in Lawrence and Crawford Counties;
15    Chestnut Hills SNA in Pulaski County;
16    Clear Creek Wetland SNA in Cass County;
17    Collier Limestone Glade SNA in Hardin County;
18    Cretaceous Hills SNA in Pope County;
19    Cypress Pond SNA in Johnson and Union Counties;
20    Dean Hills SNA in Fayette County;
21    Deer Pond SNA in Johnson County;
22    Denby Prairie SNA in Macoupin County;
23    Devil's Prop SNA in Jefferson County;
24    Eagles Landing SNA in JoDaviess County;
25    Ellison Creek SNA in Henderson County;
26    Elton E. Fawks Bald Eagle Refuge SNA in Rock Island



10200SB0915sam001- 10 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

2    Embarras River Bottoms SNA in Lawrence County;
3    Fall Creek Scenic Overlook SNA in Adams County;
4    Flag Pond SNA in Clay County;
5    Fogelpole Cave SNA in Monroe County;
6    Foley Sand Prairie SNA in Lee County;
7    Franklin Creek SNA in Lee County;
8    French Bluff SNA in Carroll County;
9    Fults Hill Prairie SNA in Monroe County;
10    Funks Grove SNA in McLean County;
11    Geissler Savanna SNA in Hancock County;
12    George S. Park Memorial Woods SNA in Putnam County;
13    Gibbons Creek Barrens SNA in Pope County;
14    Gillespie Prairie SNA in Macoupin and Montgomery Counties;
15    Ginther Farm SNA in Menard County;
16    Goodes Woods SNA in Macoupin County;
17    Goose Lake Prairie SNA in Grundy County;
18    Gooseberry Island SNA in Kankakee County;
19    Grigsby Marsh SNA in McDonough County;
20    Grubb Hollow Prairie SNA in Pike County;
21    Guthrie Cave SNA in Union County;
22    Hanging Rock Sandstone Cliff SNA in Clay County;
23    Hanover Bluff SNA in JoDaviess County;
24    Harlem Hills SNA in Winnebago County;
25    Harper-Rector Woods SNA in Fulton County;
26    Harry "Babe" Woodyard SNA in Vermilion County;



10200SB0915sam001- 11 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Henry Allan Gleason SNA in Mason County;
2    Hitts Siding Prairie SNA in Will County;
3    Illinois Caverns SNA in Monroe County;
4    Iroquois Woods SNA in Kankakee County;
5    Jackson Slough Woods SNA in St. Clair County;
6    James "Gene" Korando Pond SNA in Jackson County;
7    Julius J. Knobeloch Woods SNA in St. Clair County;
8    Kidd Lake Marsh SNA in Monroe County;
9    Kishwaukee River SNA in DeKalb County;
10    Lake Como SNA in Whiteside County;
11    Lake in the Hills Fen SNA in McHenry County;
12    Lake Renwick Heron Rookery SNA in Will County;
13    Long Branch Sand Prairie SNA in Mason County;
14    Long Run Seep SNA in Will County;
15    Lower Fox River – Blake's Landing SNA in LaSalle County;
16    Lusk Creek Canyon SNA in Pope County;
17    Manito Prairie SNA in Tazewell County;
18    Margaret Guzy Pothole Wetlands SNA in Shelby County;
19    Marissa Woods SNA in St. Clair County;
20    Massasauga Prairie SNA in Warren County;
21    Matanzas Prairie SNA in Mason County;
22    Maxine Loy SNA in Marion County;
23    McClure School Shale Glades SNA in Union County;
24    McMaster Woods SNA in Greene County;
25    Meredosia Hill Prairie SNA in Morgan County;
26    Miller Shrub Swamp SNA in Marion County;



10200SB0915sam001- 12 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Miller-Anderson Woods SNA in Bureau and Putnam Counties;
2    Millhurst Fen SNA in Kendall County;
3    Mineral Marsh SNA in Henry County;
4    Mississippi River Sand Hills SNA in Hancock County;
5    Mitchell's Grove SNA in LaSalle County;
6    Momence Wetlands SNA in Kankakee County;
7    Montebello SNA in Hancock County;
8    Nachusa Prairie SNA in Ogle County;
9    Oakford SNA in Mason and Menard Counties;
10    Pecumsaugan Creek/Blackball Mines SNA in LaSalle County;
11    Peoria Salvation Army Woods SNA in Peoria County;
12    Pine Rock SNA in Ogle County;
13    Piney Creek Ravine SNA in Randolph and Jackson Counties;
14    Prairie Ridge SNA in Jasper and Marion Counties;
15    Prairie State Eagle Refuge SNA in Hancock County;
16    Primm's Pond SNA in JoDaviess County;
17    Rall Woods SNA in JoDaviess County;
18    Ralph Clover SNA in Jackson County;
19    Redwing Slough SNA in Lake County;
20    Revis Hill Prairie SNA in Mason County;
21    Rock Cave SNA in Effingham County;
22    Rockton Bog SNA in Winnebago County;
23    Sand Prairie-Scrub Oak SNA in Mason County;
24    Sandy Ford SNA in LaSalle County;
25    Shick Shack Sand Pond SNA in Cass County;
26    Sielbeck Forest SNA in Massac County;



10200SB0915sam001- 13 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Sipple Slough Woods SNA in Washington County;
2    Sparks Pond SNA in Mason County;
3    Spring Bay Fen SNA in Woodford County;
4    Stemler Cave Woods SNA in St. Clair County;
5    Sunbury Railroad Prairie SNA in Livingston County;
6    Swayne Hollow SNA in Randolph County;
7    Tapley Woods SNA in JoDaviess County;
8    Thomson-Fulton Sand Prairie SNA in Whiteside County;
9    Thorn Creek Woods SNA in Will County;
10    Volo Bog SNA in Lake County;
11    Wagon Lake SNA in St. Clair County;
12    Ward's Grove SNA in JoDaviess County;
13    Willow Creek SNA in Edgar County;
14    Wilmington Shrub Prairie SNA in Will County;
15    Wise Ridge Bedrock Hill SNA in Johnson County;
16    Wolf Road Prairie SNA in Cook County; and
17    Yorkville Prairie SNA in Kendall County.
18    Harry "Babe" Woodyard State Natural Area, in Vermilion
20(Source: P.A. 97-177, eff. 1-1-12.)
21    (20 ILCS 840/3.4 new)
22    Sec. 3.4. State habitat areas. State Habitat Areas
23(SHA's), are described as areas defined by a primary purpose
24to manage, protect, and perpetuate specific species, habitats,
25and natural communities and to make them available for defined



10200SB0915sam001- 14 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1public use.
2    The following described areas are designated State Habitat
3Areas (SHA's) and shall have the names ascribed to them in this
5    Alvah Borah SHA in Wayne County;
6    Birkbeck SHA in DeWitt County;
7    Bradford SHA in Stark County;
8    Buffalo Prairie SHA in Knox County;
9    Campbell Pond SHA in Jackson and Franklin Counties;
10    Cecil E. Meeker SHA in Jasper County;
11    Chatsworth SHA in Livingston County;
12    Clifton SHA in Iroquois County;
13    Dublin Highlands SHA in Stephenson County;
14    Finfrock SHA in DeWitt County;
15    Freeman Mine SHA in Montgomery County;
16    Gifford SHA in Champaign County;
17    Hallsville SHA in DeWitt County;
18    Heron Woods SHA in DuPage County;
19    Herschel Workman SHA in Vermilion County;
20    Hindsboro SHA in Douglas County;
21    Ilo Dillin SHA in Tazewell County;
22    Kilbuck Creek SHA in Ogle County;
23    Larry D. Closson SHA in Douglass County;
24    Little Rock Creek SHA in Carroll County;
25    Loda SHA in Iroquois County;
26    Manito SHA in Tazewell County;



10200SB0915sam001- 15 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Max and Edward Rowe SHA in Hancock County;
2    Maytown SHA in Lee County;
3    Milks Grove SHA in Iroquois County;
4    Millroad Marsh SHA in Whiteside County;
5    Palatine Road Marsh SHA in Cook County;
6    Paul C Burrus SHA in Coles County;
7    Perdueville SHA in Ford and Champaign County;
8    Prairie Bluff SHA in Will County;
9    Rail Splitter SHA in Sangamon County;
10    Reed Wildlife SHA in Hancock County;
11    Sam and Florence Atkinson Forest SHA in Wayne County;
12    Sand Prairie SHA in Lee County;
13    Saybrook SHA in McLean County;
14    Sibley SHA in Ford County;
15    Skinner Farm SHA in Johnson County;
16    South Shore SHA in Clinton County;
17    Steward SHA in Lee County;
18    T-Lakes SHA in Knox County;
19    Victoria SHA in Knox County;
20    Whitefield SHA in Marshall County;
21    Wildcat Hollow SHA in Effingham County; and
22    Willow Creek SHA in Edgar County.
23    (20 ILCS 840/6)  (from Ch. 105, par. 468k-1)
24    Sec. 6. The following described areas are designated State
25Recreational Areas (SRA's) and are characterized as areas that



10200SB0915sam001- 16 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1can be used for a wide diversity of outdoor recreational
2pursuits, accommodating large numbers of people and shall have
3the names ascribed to them in this Section:
4    Clinton Lake State Recreation Area, DeWitt County;
5    Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area in Clinton County;
6    Johnson-Sauk Trail State Recreation Area, Henry County;
7    Kickapoo State Recreation Area, Vermilion County;
8    Randolph County State Recreation Area, Randolph County;
9    Sahara Woods State Recreation Area, Saline County;
10    Washington County State Recreation Area, Washington
12    Wayne Fitzgerrell State Recreation Area, Franklin County;
14    William W. Powers State Recreation Area, Cook County.
15    Parklands Recreational Area, in Tazewell County.
16(Source: P.A. 89-445, eff. 2-7-96.)
17    (20 ILCS 840/7)  (from Ch. 105, par. 468k-2)
18    Sec. 7. The following described areas are designated State
19Boating Access Areas and defined public boat launching sites
20that provide public access to rivers and lakes which are
21judged to be suitable for water-based outdoor recreation and
22shall have the names ascribed to them in this Section:
23    Golconda Marina, in Pope County;
24    Henderson Creek State Boat Access Area, in Henderson



10200SB0915sam001- 17 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Hennepin Canal Parkway, in Bureau, Henry, Rock Island, and
2Whiteside Counties;
3    Millers Hollow State Boat Access Area, in Carroll County;
4    Montebello Access Area, in Hancock County;
5    Myers Landing Access Area, in Adams County;
6    Piasa Creek Access Area, in Jersey County;
7    Pleasant Hill-Pike and Calhoun River Access Area, in Pike
8and Calhoun Counties; and
9    Titus Hollow Access Area, in Calhoun County.
10(Source: P.A. 89-445, eff. 2-7-96.)
11    Section 10. The Historic Preservation Act is amended by
12changing Section 6 as follows:
13    (20 ILCS 3405/6)  (from Ch. 127, par. 2706)
14    Sec. 6. Jurisdiction. The Historic Sites and Preservation
15Division of the Department shall have jurisdiction over the
16following described areas which are hereby designated as State
17Historic Sites, State Memorials, and Miscellaneous Properties.
18These sites have been deemed to have a state, national, or
19international levels of historical significance and the
20stewardship and caretaking responsibilities to protect and
21promote are hereby bestowed upon the Department:
State Historic Sites
23    Albany Mounds State Historic Site, Whiteside County;



10200SB0915sam001- 18 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Apple River Fort State Historic Site, JoDaviess County;
2    Bishop Hill State Historic Site, Henry County;
3    Black Hawk State Historic Site, Rock Island County;
4    Bryant Cottage State Historic Site, Piatt County;
5    Buel House, Pope County;
6    Cahokia Courthouse State Historic Site, St. Clair County;
7    Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, in Madison and St.
8        Clair Counties (however, the Illinois State Museum
9        shall act as curator of artifacts pursuant to the
10        provisions of the Archaeological and Paleontological
11        Resources Protection Act);
12    Crenshaw House State Historic Site, Gallatin County;
13    Dana-Thomas House State Historic Site, Sangamon County;
14    David Davis Mansion State Historic Site, McLean County;
15    Douglas Tomb State Historic Site, Cook County;
16    Fort de Chartres State Historic Site, Randolph County;
17    Fort Kaskaskia State Historic Site, Randolph County;
18    Grand Village of the Illinois, LaSalle County;
19    U. S. Grant Home State Historic Site, Jo Daviess County;
20    Hotel Florence, Cook County;
21    Jarrot Mansion State Historic Site, St. Clair County;
22    Jubilee College State Historic Site, Peoria County;
23    Kincaid Mounds State Historic Site, Massac and Pope
25    Lewis and Clark State Historic Site, Madison County;
26    Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site, Sangamon



10200SB0915sam001- 19 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1        County;
2    Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site, Coles County;
3    Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site, Menard County;
4    Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, Sangamon County;
5    Martin Boismenue House State Historic Site, St Clair
7    Pierre Menard Home State Historic Site, Randolph County;
8    Metamora Courthouse State Historic Site, Woodford County;
9    Moore Home State Historic Site, Coles County;
10    Mount Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site, Logan
11        County;
12    Old Market House State Historic Site, Jo Daviess County;
13    Old State Capitol State Historic Site, Sangamon County;
14    Postville Courthouse State Historic Site, Logan County;
15    Pullman Factory, Cook County;
16    Rose Hotel, Hardin County;
17    Carl Sandburg State Historic Site, Knox County;
18    Shawneetown Bank State Historic Site, Gallatin County;
19    Vachel Lindsay Home, Sangamon County;
20    Vandalia State House State Historic Site, Fayette County;
21        and
22    Washburne House State Historic Site, Jo Daviess County.
State Memorials
24    Buel House, Pope County;
25    Campbell's Island State Memorial, Rock Island County;



10200SB0915sam001- 20 -LRB102 04777 KMF 25399 a

1    Governor Bond State Memorial, Randolph County;
2    Governor Coles State Memorial, Madison County;
3    Governor Horner State Memorial, Cook County;
4    Governor Small State Memorial, Kankakee County;
5    Illinois Vietnam Veterans State Memorial, Sangamon County;
6    Kaskaskia Bell State Memorial, Randolph County;
7    Korean War Memorial, Sangamon County;
8    Lewis and Clark State Memorial, Madison County;
9    Lincoln Monument State Memorial, Lee County;
10    Lincoln Trail State Memorial, Lawrence County;
11    Lovejoy State Memorial, Madison County;
12    Norwegian Settlers State Memorial, LaSalle County; and
13    Wild Bill Hickok State Memorial, LaSalle County"; and.
14    World War II Veterans Memorial, Sangamon County.
Miscellaneous Properties
16    Albany Mounds, Whiteside County;
17    Emerald Mound, St. Clair County;
18    Halfway Tavern, Marion County; and
19    Hofmann Tower, Cook County. ; and
20    Kincaid Mounds, Massac and Pope Counties.
21(Source: P.A. 100-695, eff. 8-3-18.)".