Sen. Steve Stadelman

Filed: 10/28/2021





10200HB1769sam003LRB102 10422 HLH 30331 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1769, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of Senate Amendment
4No. 1, on page 4, line 14, by deleting "electric motorcycles
5or"; and
6on page 4, line 22, by replacing "focused" with "primarily
7focused"; and
8on page 20, line 9, by replacing "sound and" with "sound,"; and
9on page 20, line 11, by replacing "employment and" with
10"employment, and will"; and
11on page 21, line 17, after "Illinois" by inserting ", the Clean
12Jobs Workforce Network Program,"; and
13on page 21, line 20, after "Training.", by inserting "An



10200HB1769sam003- 2 -LRB102 10422 HLH 30331 a

1applicant is also eligible for a training credit that shall
2not exceed 10% of the training costs of retained employees for
3the purpose of upskilling to meet the operational needs of the
4applicant or the REV Illinois Project."; and
5on page 22, line 12, by deleting "in any taxable year"; and
6on page 23, lines 14 and 15, by deleting "in any taxable year";
8on page 23, line 22, by replacing "approved by the Department
9of Labor" with "that conforms with the Project Labor
10Agreements Act"; and
11by deleting line 17 on page 24 though line 3 on page 25; and
12on page 30, immediately below line 7, by inserting the
14        "(20) Each taxpayer under paragraph (1) of subsection
15    (c) of Section 20 above shall maintain labor neutrality
16    toward any union organizing campaign for any employees of
17    the taxpayer assigned to work on the premises of the REV
18    Illinois Project Site. This paragraph shall not apply to
19    an electric vehicle manufacturer, electric vehicle
20    component part manufacturer, electric vehicle power supply
21    manufacturer or any joint venture including an electric



10200HB1769sam003- 3 -LRB102 10422 HLH 30331 a

1    vehicle manufacturer, electric vehicle component part
2    manufacturer, and electric vehicle power supply
3    manufacturer, who is subject to collective bargaining
4    agreement entered into prior to the taxpayer filing an
5    application pursuant to this Act."; and
6on page 30, line 22, after "taxpayer", by inserting "with a
7workforce of 100 or more employees and"; and
8on page 31, by replacing lines 12 through 16 with the
10    "(b) Vendor diversity and annual report. Each taxpayer
11with a workforce of 100 or more full-time employees shall,
12starting on April 15, 2025 and every year thereafter for which
13the taxpayer has an Agreement under this Act, report on the
14diversity of the vendors that it utilizes, for publication on
15the Department's website, and include the following
16information:"; and
17on page 36, line 10, by replacing "misdemeanor." with
18"misdemeanor and may be enforced by the Illinois Department of
19Labor or the Department. The Attorney General shall
20represented the Illinois Department of Labor or the Department
21in the proceeding."; and



10200HB1769sam003- 4 -LRB102 10422 HLH 30331 a

1on page 36, by replacing lines lines 20 through 21 with "The
2contractor or subcontractor shall submit reports to the
3Department of Labor electronically that meet the"; and
4on page 42, lines 22 through 23, by replacing "this Act" with
5"the Illinois Income Tax Act"; and
6on page 45, line 1, by deleting "at least"; and
7on page 45, line 2, after the period, by inserting "The
8purchasing agency may require additional information from
9bidders or offerors to verify whether an electric vehicle is
10manufactured in Illinois as defined by this Section."; and
11on page 45, line 21, by deleting "of this Act"; and
12on page 98, by replacing lines 11 through 13 with the
14    "No debit reduction or charge back of any item on a
15warranty repair order may be made absent a finding of fraud or
16illegal actions by the dealer."; and
17on page 101, by replacing lines 17 through 25 with the



10200HB1769sam003- 5 -LRB102 10422 HLH 30331 a

1"vehicle franchiser. The requirements of this subsection (e)
2shall not apply to entire engine assemblies, propulsion engine
3assemblies, including electric vehicle batteries, and entire
4transmission assemblies. In the case of those assemblies, the
5motor vehicle franchiser shall reimburse the motor vehicle
6franchisee up to and including 30% of what the motor vehicle
7franchisee would have paid the motor vehicle franchiser for
8the assembly if the assembly had not been supplied by the
9franchiser other than by the sale of that assembly to the motor
10vehicle franchisee and entire transmission assemblies.".