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Full Text of HB0714  102nd General Assembly


Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz

Filed: 4/8/2021





10200HB0714ham003LRB102 13115 LNS 24602 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 714 on page 5,
3lines 23 and 24, by replacing "one complete copies copy" with
4"one complete copy"; and
5on page 6, line 4, by changing "representative," to
6"representative who has provided documentation of authority to
7act for the patient, or by such other requester as is
8authorized by statute if the patient is deceased,"; and
9on page 6, line 5, by deleting "or"; and
10on page 6, line 7, after "Act", by inserting "or (3) Aid to the
11Aged, Blind, or Disabled benefits. Upon request, and if the
12records are for at least one of the approved purposes, the
13requester may obtain updated medical records not included in
14the original medical record free of charge if the request is
15accompanied by a valid authorization for the release of



10200HB0714ham003- 2 -LRB102 13115 LNS 24602 a

1records signed by the patient, the patient's legally
2authorized representative who has provided documentation of
3authority to act for the patient, or such other requester as is
4authorized by statute if the patient is deceased".