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Full Text of SB1781  101st General Assembly


Sen. Bill Cunningham

Filed: 3/12/2019





10100SB1781sam001LRB101 08414 RJF 57112 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1781 as follows:
3on page 31, immediately below line 25, by inserting the
5    ""Contractor" means the entity or organization with main
6responsibility for the building of a construction project and
7is the party signing the prime construction contract for the
8project."; and
9on page 35, immediately below line 18, by inserting the
11    ""Project labor agreement" means a pre-hire collective
12bargaining agreement that covers all terms and conditions of
13employment on a specific construction project and must include
14the following:



10100SB1781sam001- 2 -LRB101 08414 RJF 57112 a

1        (1) provisions establishing the minimum hourly wage
2    for each class of labor organization employee;
3        (2) provisions establishing the benefits and other
4    compensation for each class of labor organization
5    employee;
6        (3) provisions establishing that no strike or disputes
7    will be engaged in by the labor organization employees; and
8        (4) provisions establishing that no lockout or
9    disputes will be engaged in by the contractor building the
10    project.
11    A labor organization and the contractor building the
12project shall have the authority to include other terms and
13conditions as they deem necessary."; and
14on page 107, immediately below line 8, by inserting the
16        "(8) Renewable energy credits procured from new wind
17    projects and new utility-scale solar projects pursuant to
18    Agency procurement events occurring after this amendatory
19    Act of the 101st General Assembly must be from facilities
20    built by contractors that must enter into a project labor
21    agreement as defined by this Act prior to construction. A
22    copy of the project labor agreement shall be filed with the
23    Agency.".