SB0731 EngrossedLRB101 04492 RJF 49500 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and
5Museum Act is amended by changing Section 15 as follows:
6    (20 ILCS 3475/15)
7    Sec. 15. Board. There shall be a Board of Trustees of the
8Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to set policy
9and advise the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
10and the Executive Director on programs related to the Abraham
11Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and to exercise the
12powers and duties given to it under Section 25 of this Act. The
13Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and the Abraham
14Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation shall mutually
15cooperate co-operate to maximize resources available to the
16Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and to support,
17sustain, and provide educational programs and collections at
18the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Any
19membership fees collected by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential
20Library Foundation may be used to support the Abraham Lincoln
21Presidential Library and Museum programs or collections at the
22Foundation's discretion.
23    The terms of the mutual cooperation shall be set forth in a



SB0731 Engrossed- 2 -LRB101 04492 RJF 49500 b

1memorandum of understanding or similar written document for an
2agreed-upon term concluding on December 31st of a particular
3year and shall include, at a minimum, the following:
4        (a) an authorization by the Agency for the Foundation
5    to operate, directly or through subcontractors, food
6    service, catering service, and retail activities at the
7    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum with the
8    net proceeds being made available by the Foundation to the
9    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum;
10        (b) a requirement that the Foundation annually provide
11    to the Office of the Governor and the General Assembly the
12    following:
13            (1) any audit of the Foundation's financial
14        statements performed by an independent auditor;
15            (2) the most recent Form 990 federal tax return
16        filed by the Foundation with the Internal Revenue
17        Service; and
18            (3) an annual report including income and
19        expenditures of funds raised as a result of the
20        Foundation's operation, directly or through
21        subcontractors, for food service, catering service,
22        and retail activities at the Abraham Lincoln
23        Presidential Library and Museum; and
24        (c) the establishment of a working group with 7
25    members, composed of 3 members of the Board and 3 members
26    of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, with such



SB0731 Engrossed- 3 -LRB101 04492 RJF 49500 b

1    members appointed by the respective chair of each board,
2    together with the State Historian. The working group shall
3    collaborate to advance the interests of the Agency and, as
4    an initial responsibility, shall develop an official
5    mission statement for the Agency which shall be presented
6    to the Board and the Board of Directors of the Foundation
7    for adoption and which shall serve to align and guide the
8    efforts of both the Agency and the Foundation. Except for
9    the State Historian, ex officio members of either board are
10    not eligible to be appointed as members of the working
11    group. The working group shall meet at least once each
12    quarter and shall be chaired by the State Historian. The
13    Foundation shall provide staff support to the working group
14    to maintain attendance and other necessary records of the
15    working group.
16(Source: P.A. 100-120, eff. 8-18-17.)
17    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
18becoming law.