HB2154 EngrossedLRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

1    AN ACT concerning public aid.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Illinois Public Aid Code is amended by
5changing Section 9-6 by adding Sections 9A-9.1 and 12-4.52 as
7    (305 ILCS 5/9-6)  (from Ch. 23, par. 9-6)
8    Sec. 9-6. Job Search, Training and Work Programs. The
9Illinois Department and local governmental units shall
10initiate, promote and develop job search, training and work
11programs which will provide employment for and contribute to
12the training and experience of persons receiving aid under
13Articles III, V, and VI.
14    The job search, training and work programs shall be
15designed to preserve and improve the work habits and skills of
16recipients for whom jobs are not otherwise immediately
17available and to provide training and experience for recipients
18who lack the skills required for such employment opportunities
19as are or may become available. The Illinois Department and
20local governmental unit shall determine by rule those classes
21of recipients who shall be subject to participation in such
22programs. If made subject to participation, every applicant for
23or recipient of public aid who is determined to be "able to



HB2154 Engrossed- 2 -LRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

1engage in employment", as defined by the Department or local
2governmental unit pursuant to rules and regulations, for whom
3unsubsidized jobs are not otherwise immediately available
4shall be required to participate in any program established
5under this Section.
6    The Illinois Department shall establish with the Director
7of Central Management Services an outreach and training program
8designed to encourage and assist recipients participating in
9job search, training and work programs to participate in open
10competitive examinations for trainee and other entry level
11positions to maximize opportunities for placement on open
12competitive eligible listings and referral to State agencies
13for employment consideration.
14    The Department shall provide payment for transportation,
15day-care and Workers' Compensation costs which occur for
16recipients as a result of participating in job search, training
17and work programs as described in this Section. The Department
18may decline to initiate such programs in areas where eligible
19recipients would be so few in number as to not economically
20justify such programs; and in this event the Department shall
21not require persons in such areas to participate in any job
22search, training, or work programs whatsoever as a condition of
23their continued receipt of, or application for, aid.
24    The programs may include, but shall not be limited to,
25service in child care centers, in preschool programs as teacher
26aides and in public health programs as home visitors and health



HB2154 Engrossed- 3 -LRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

1aides; the maintenance of or services required in connection
2with public offices, buildings and grounds; state, county and
3municipal hospitals, forest preserves, parks, playgrounds,
4streets and highways, and other governmental maintenance or
5construction directed toward environmental improvement; and
6similar facilities.
7    The Illinois Department or local governmental units may
8enter into agreements with local taxing bodies and private
9not-for-profit organizations, agencies and institutions to
10provide for the supervision and administration of job search,
11work and training projects authorized by this Section. Such
12agreements shall stipulate the requirements for utilization of
13recipients in such projects. In addition to any other
14requirements dealing with the administration of these
15programs, the Department shall assure, pursuant to rules and
16regulations, that:
17        (a) Recipients may not displace regular employees.
18        (b) The maximum number of hours of mandatory work is 8
19    hours per day and 40 hours per week, not to exceed 120
20    hours per month.
21        (c) The maximum number of hours per month shall be
22    determined by dividing the recipient's benefits by the
23    federal minimum wage, rounded to the lowest full hour.
24    "Recipient's benefits" in this subsection includes: (i)
25    both cash assistance and food stamps provided to the entire
26    assistance unit or household by the Illinois Department



HB2154 Engrossed- 4 -LRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

1    where the job search, work and training program is
2    administered by the Illinois Department and, where federal
3    programs are involved, includes all such cash assistance
4    and food stamps provided to the greatest extent allowed by
5    federal law; or (ii) includes only cash assistance provided
6    to the entire assistance unit by the local governmental
7    unit where the job search, work and training program is
8    administered by the local governmental unit.
9        (d) The recipient shall be provided or compensated for
10    transportation to and from the work location.
11        (e) Appropriate terms regarding recipient compensation
12    are met.
13    Local taxing bodies and private not-for-profit
14organizations, agencies and institutions which utilize
15recipients in job search, work and training projects authorized
16by this Section are urged to include such recipients in the
17formulation of their employment policies.
18    Unless directly paid by an employing local taxing body or
19not-for-profit agency, a recipient participating in a work
20project who meets all requirements set forth by the Illinois
21Department shall receive credit towards his or her monthly
22assistance benefits for work performed based upon the
23applicable minimum wage rate. Where a recipient is paid
24directly by an employing agency, the Illinois Department or
25local governmental unit shall provide for payment to such
26employing entity the appropriate amount of assistance benefits



HB2154 Engrossed- 5 -LRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

1to which the recipient would otherwise be entitled under this
3    The Illinois Department or its designee, including local
4governmental units, may enter into agreements with the agencies
5or institutions providing work under programs established
6hereunder for payment to each such employer (hereinafter called
7"public service employer") of all or a portion of the wages to
8be paid to persons for the work performed and other appropriate
10    If the number of persons receiving aid under Article VI is
11insufficient to justify the establishment of job search,
12training and work programs on a local basis by a local
13governmental unit, or if for other good cause the establishment
14of a local program is impractical or unwarranted, the local
15governmental unit shall cooperate with other local
16governmental units, with civic and non-profit community
17agencies, and with the Illinois Department in developing a
18program or programs which will jointly serve the participating
19governmental units and agencies.
20    A local governmental unit receiving State funds shall refer
21all recipients able to engage in employment to such job search,
22training and work programs as are established, whether within
23or without the governmental unit, and as are accessible to
24persons receiving aid from the governmental unit. The Illinois
25Department shall withhold allocation of state funds to any
26governmental unit which fails or refuses to make such



HB2154 Engrossed- 6 -LRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

2    Participants in job search, training and work programs
3shall be required to maintain current registration for regular
4employment under Section 11-10 and to accept any bona fide
5offer of regular employment. They shall likewise be required to
6accept education, work and training opportunities available to
7them under other provisions of this Code or Federal law. The
8Illinois Department or local governmental unit shall provide by
9rule for periodic review of the circumstances of each
10participant to determine the feasibility of his placement in
11regular employment or other work, education and training
13    Moneys made available for public aid purposes under
14Articles IV and VI may be expended to pay public service
15employers all or a portion of the wages of public service
16employees and other appropriate costs, to provide necessary
17supervisory personnel and equipment, to purchase Workers'
18Compensation Insurance or to pay Workers' Compensation claims,
19and to provide transportation to and from work sites.
20    The Department shall provide through rules and regulations
21for sanctions against applicants and recipients of aid under
22this Code who fail to cooperate with the regulations and
23requirements established pursuant to this Section. Such
24sanctions may include the loss of eligibility to receive aid
25under Article VI of this Code for up to 3 months.
26    The Department, in cooperation with a local governmental



HB2154 Engrossed- 7 -LRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

1unit, may maintain a roster of persons who are required to
2participate in a local job search, training and work program.
3In such cases, the roster shall be available for inspection by
4employers for the selection of possible workers.
5    In addition to the programs authorized by this Section, the
6Illinois Department is authorized to administer any job search,
7training or work projects in conjunction with the Federal Food
8Stamp Program, either under this Section or under other
9regulations required by the Federal government.
10    The Illinois Department may also administer pilot programs
11to provide job search, training and work programs to unemployed
12parents of children receiving child support enforcement
13services under Article X of this Code.
14    Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Section, for
15recipients required to comply with the terms of a service plan
16developed by the Department of Children and Family Services,
17participation in substance abuse treatment, drug testing,
18parenting classes, anger management, domestic violence
19counseling, evaluations, or any other activities specified in
20the service plan shall count as an approvable job search
21activity under any job search, training, and work programs
22authorized under this Section.
23(Source: P.A. 92-111, eff. 1-1-02; 92-590, eff. 7-1-02.)
24    (305 ILCS 5/9A-9.1 new)
25    Sec. 9A-9.1. Job search; approvable activities. For



HB2154 Engrossed- 8 -LRB101 04633 KTG 49642 b

1recipients who are required to comply with the terms of a
2service plan developed by the Department of Children and Family
3Services, participation in substance abuse treatment, drug
4testing, parenting classes, anger management, domestic
5violence counseling, evaluations, or any other activities
6specified in the service plan shall count as an approvable job
7search activity under any education, training, and employment
8program authorized under this Article. The Department of Human
9Services shall apply for any federal waivers or approvals
10necessary to implement this Section.
11    (305 ILCS 5/12-4.52 new)
12    Sec. 12-4.52. Job search; approvable activities; SNAP
13recipients. For recipients of Supplemental Nutrition
14Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits who are required to comply
15with the terms of a service plan developed by the Department of
16Children and Family Services, participation in substance abuse
17treatment, drug testing, parenting classes, anger management,
18domestic violence counseling, evaluations, or any other
19activities specified in the service plan shall count as an
20approvable job search activity under the SNAP Employment and
21Training Program. The Department of Human Services shall apply
22for any federal waivers or approvals necessary to implement
23this Section.