Sen. Omar Aquino

Filed: 4/28/2017





10000SB1869sam001LRB100 09019 RJF 25734 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1869 on page 3, by
3replacing lines 13 through 20 with the following:
4    "Within one-year after the effective date of this
5amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly, to the extent
6practicable, the System shall use a free translation tool to
7enable translation into multiple languages of the information
8made available to the public through the website maintained by
9the System. The translation tool shall, at a minimum, translate
10the following content on the website maintained by the System:
11the home page; information regarding the members of the House
12of Representatives and the Senate, including, but not limited
13to, each member's biography, committee assignments, and
14sponsored bills; information regarding the membership of,
15bills assigned to, and meeting schedules of each standing and
16special committee of the House of Representatives and the
17Senate; information on the procedural status of each bill and



10000SB1869sam001- 2 -LRB100 09019 RJF 25734 a

1resolution, together with any amendments thereto, and
2appointment message filed in the House of Representatives or
3the Senate, including both general information and
4user-selected information (through the "My Legislation"
5function or otherwise), but not including the synopsis or text
6of any bill or resolution, or any amendment thereto, or any
7appointment message, Public Act, or Executive Order;
8information regarding previous General Assemblies, not
9including the synopsis or text of any bill or resolution, or
10any amendment thereto, or any appointment message, Public Act,
11or Executive Order; contact information for the General
12Assembly, legislative support service agencies, and other
13related offices in the Capitol Complex; and information
14regarding access for persons with disabilities. The System may,
15in its discretion, provide for additional content to be
16translated. The languages available for translation shall be
17those provided by the translation tool. Before a user accesses
18translated information, the System shall ensure that a
19disclaimer is first displayed, stating that: the translated
20information is offered as a convenience and should not be
21considered accurate as to the translation of the text in
22question; and the English language version is the official and
23authoritative version of the text in question.".