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Full Text of SB1502  100th General Assembly


Rep. Arthur Turner

Filed: 5/15/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1502 as follows:
3by replacing line 24 on page 4 through line 1 on page 5 with the
5    ""Designated request address" means an e-mail address,
6toll-free telephone number, or webform whereby customers may
7request or obtain the information required to be provided under
8Section 15 of this Act."; and
9on page 5, line 14, by deleting "(i)"; and
10on page 5, by replacing lines 18 through 20 with "personal
11information to additional third parties."; and
12on page 6, immediately below line 4, by inserting the



10000SB1502ham001- 2 -LRB100 08019 RJF 26442 a

1    "(d) Disclosure of personal information by a private entity
2to a transportation network company driver or TNC driver as
3defined under the Transportation Network Providers Act."; and
4on page 8, by replacing lines 3 through 13 with the following:
5    "Section 20. Disclosure of a customer's personal
6information to a third party.
7    (a) An operator that discloses personal information to a
8third party shall make the following information available to a
9customer upon request free of charge:
10        (1) the categories of personal information that were
11    disclosed about the customer, and the name or names of all
12    third parties that received the customer's personal
13    information; or
14        (2) all categories of personal information about
15    customers that were disclosed, and the name or names of all
16    third parties that received any customer's personal
17    information.
18    (b) This Section applies only to personal information
19disclosed after the effective date of this Act."; and
20on page 9, line 19, after the period, by inserting "An operator
21in violation of this Act shall have 15 days after being
22notified of a violation to rectify that violation before the



10000SB1502ham001- 3 -LRB100 08019 RJF 26442 a

1Attorney General or appropriate State's Attorney's Office seek
2an enforcement action against that operator."; and
3on page 10, by replacing lines 20 through 23 with the
5    "(e) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to apply to:
6(i) internet, wireless, or telecommunications service
7providers; or (ii) a public utility, an alternative retail
8electric supplier, or an alternative gas supplier, as those
9terms are defined in Sections 3-105, 16-102, and 19-105 of the
10Public Utilities Act, or an electric cooperative, as defined in
11Section 3.4 of the Electric Supplier Act.
12    (f) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to apply to: (i)
13a hospital operated under the Hospital Licensing Act; (ii) a
14hospital affiliate, as defined under the Hospital Licensing
15Act; or (iii) a hospital operated under the University of
16Illinois Hospital Act.".