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Full Text of HB5544  100th General Assembly


Rep. Anna Moeller

Filed: 3/13/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 5544 as follows:
3on page 2, by replacing lines 19 and 20 with the following:
4        "(11) wide racial and ethnic disparities exist in
5    Illinois pregnancy-related mortality rates, which in 2013,
6    in deaths per 100,000 births, were 8.1 for Caucasian women
7    and 28.9 for African American women, and the severe
8    maternal morbidity rate for Illinois between 2011-2013 was
9    higher than the national rate;
10        (12) teen pregnancy is often unintended and can have
11    long-term negative health effects on future physical,
12    behavioral, educational, and economic development of
13    mothers and children, and teen birth rates in Illinois are
14    significantly higher for African American and Hispanic
15    teens than for Caucasian teens;
16        (13) women who are transgender experience high rates of



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1    discrimination, harassment, and violence in every aspect
2    of their lives, including health care settings, other
3    public accommodations, housing, and employment; and
4        (14) approximately 65.9% of women in Illinois are
5    registered to vote."; and
6on page 3, by replacing lines 6 and 7 with the following:
7    ""Woman" or "women" means all persons of the female gender,
8including both cisgender and transgender persons.
9    "Transgender" describes persons whose gender identity is
10different from the gender they were assigned at birth.
11    "Cisgender" describes persons whose gender identity is the
12same as the gender they were assigned at birth.
13    "Gender identity" means a person's deeply felt, inherent
14sense of who they are as a particular gender, such as female.";
16on page 4, by replacing lines 5 through 10 with the following:
17        "(7) to promote increased access to reproductive
18    health care;
19        (8) to protect women who are transgender from violence
20    and harassment, and increase their fair and equal access to
21    culturally competent health care, housing, employment, and
22    other opportunities;



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1        (9) to disseminate information and build relationships
2    between State agencies and commissions in furtherance of
3    the Council's goals under this Act; and
4        (10) to give significant attention to the inclusion of
5    women of color in decision-making capacities and
6    identifying barriers toward parity, and for leadership
7    inclusion that works to realize America's founding
8    principles of equity and opportunity for all."; and
9on page 4, line 22, after "orientation," by inserting "gender
10identity,"; and
11on page 5, line 14, after "Aging," by inserting "the Department
12of Human Rights,".