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Full Text of HB2610  100th General Assembly


Rep. John C. D'Amico

Filed: 3/21/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2610 as follows:
3on page 12, line 12, by replacing "State Police" with "the
4Secretary of State Department of Police"; and
5on page 13, by replacing line 23 with:
6    "Sec. 6. The Secretary Executive Director of the Authority
7shall"; and
8on page 15, line 14, by replacing "April 1, 1992" with "January
91, 2019 April 1, 1992"; and
10on page 16, by replacing line 10 with "Secretary Executive
11Director of the Authority at the direction of the"; and
12on page 17, line 8, by replacing "Authority's" with
13"Secretary's Authority's"; and



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1on page 18, by replacing lines 8 through 14 with:
2        "(3) To provide funding to the Secretary's Vehicle
3    Services Department for the creation, implementation, and
4    maintenance of an electronic motor vehicle liability
5    insurance policy verification program by allocating no
6    more than 75% of each dollar collected for the first
7    calendar year after the effective date of this amendatory
8    Act of the 100th General Assembly and no more than 50% of
9    each dollar collected for every other year after the first
10    calendar year. The Secretary shall distribute the funds to
11    the Vehicle Services Department at the beginning of each
12    calendar year."; and
13on page 23, line 25, after "insured.", by inserting "The
14development and implementation of the program shall be
15consistent with the standards and procedures of a nationwide
16organization whose primary membership consists of individual
17insurance companies and insurance trade associations."; and
18on page 24, by replacing line 4 with "Secretary that is
19consistent with a nationwide organization whose primary
20membership consists of individual insurance companies and
21insurance trade organizations, to the Secretary for each motor
22vehicle"; and



10000HB2610ham002- 3 -LRB100 06781 AXK 23544 a

1on page 24, line 15, after "necessary", by inserting "to match
2an eligible vehicle with an insurance policy"; and
3on page 25, line 12, by deleting "and"; and
4on page 25, line 26, by replacing "." with ";"; and
5on page 25, immediately below line 26, by inserting:
6        "(6) a requirement that the Secretary may consult with
7    members of the insurance industry during the
8    implementation of the program, including, but not limited
9    to, during the drafting process for adopting any rules that
10    may be necessary to implement or manage an electronic motor
11    vehicle liability insurance policy verification program;
12    and
13        (7) a requirement that commercial lines of automobile
14    insurance are excluded from the program, but may
15    voluntarily report insurance coverage to the State."; and
16on page 27, immediately below line 8, by inserting:
17    "(f) An insurer identified by an electronic motor vehicle
18liability insurance policy program as insuring less than 1,000
19vehicles per year shall be exempt from the reporting
20requirements under subsection (a) of this Section."; and
21on page 27, line 9, by replacing "(f)" with "(g)".