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Full Text of HB0770  100th General Assembly


Rep. Barbara Wheeler

Filed: 2/28/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 770 on page 10, by
3replacing lines 12 through 19 with the following:
4    "Section 10. Conditions on transfer.
5    (a) The conveyances of real property authorized by Section
65 shall be made subject to: (1) existing public utilities,
7existing public roads, and any and all reservations, easements,
8encumbrances, covenants and restrictions of record; (2) the
9express condition that within one year after conveyance, the
10Fox Waterway Agency shall: sell the real property for no less
11than fair market value; use any proceeds from the sale to
12purchase of an alternate dredge material disposal site or sites
13for no more than fair market value; and transfer any proceeds
14remaining after the purchase of an alternate dredge material
15disposal site or sites to the Department of Natural Resources
16for deposit into the General Revenue Fund; and (3) the
17requirements of subsection (b) of this Section.



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1    (b) If, after one year following the conveyances of the
2real property under Section 5, the Fox Waterway Agency has
3failed to comply with the express condition set forth in item
4(2) of subsection (a), the real property shall revert to the
5State of Illinois, Department of Natural Resources, or, if
6applicable, the proceeds from the sale of the conveyed property
7shall be immediately transferred to the Department of Natural
8Resources for deposit into the General Revenue Fund. If any
9property purchased with proceeds from the sale of the conveyed
10property is not used as a dredged material disposal site within
112 years following the conveyances under Section 5 or if at any
12time the property ceases to be used for public purposes, the
13Fox Waterway Agency shall convey by quitclaim deed the property
14to the Department of Natural Resources for $1. As used in this
15Section, "fair market value" means the average of 3 appraisals
16plus the costs of obtaining the appraisals.".