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Full Text of HB0066  100th General Assembly


Rep. Tim Butler

Filed: 2/17/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 66 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Illinois Route 66 Centennial Commission Act.
6    Section 5. Purpose. Route 66 is one of the original
7highways within the National Highway System. The importance of
8Route 66 is rooted within its cultural and historical impact
9beginning with its numerical designation in 1926 to its
10upcoming centennial in 2026.
11    From the outset, public road planners intended for the
12highway to connect the main streets of rural and urban
13communities so that small towns could have access to a major
14national thoroughfare. Illinois has had a major impact on Route
1566 as home to the start of the road in Chicago and the first
16state to have the road paved across the entire State. Route 66



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1in Illinois runs almost 300 miles through numerous towns,
2eventually reaching Missouri before continuing its way to Santa
3Monica, California. Since 1989, the Route 66 Association of
4Illinois has been working to preserve and promote the highway
5in Illinois through methods such as establishing the Route 66
6Hall of Fame & Museum. In 2005, the Illinois stretch of Route
766 received recognition as a National Scenic Byway. The
8National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program
9has awarded more than 23 cost-share grants to assist properties
10in Illinois.
11    2026 will mark the centennial of the creation of Route 66.
12The centennial is an opportunity to promote the preservation
13and commemoration of Route 66 including, but not limited to,
14existing roadways, buildings, and attractions along the route.
15The centennial is also an opportunity to celebrate the
16important history of Route 66 in Illinois through
17commemorative, educational, and community events. The
18centennial celebration may include events about the history of
19how local communities grew and changed with the construction of
20Route 66, the cultural impact of Route 66 within the United
21States and internationally, the portrayal of Route 66 in music,
22artwork, and folklore, and how to maintain the mystique and
23appeal of Route 66 for future generations.
24    Section 10. Commission. The Commission shall be composed
25of 20 members who reflect the interests, history, and



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1importance of the communities along Route 66 in Illinois. The
2members shall be appointed as follows:
3    (1) two public members appointed by the Speaker of the
4House of Representatives;
5    (2) two public members appointed by the Minority Leader of
6the House of Representatives;
7    (3) two public members appointed by the President of the
9    (4) two public members appointed by the Minority Leader of
10the Senate;
11    (5) three public members appointed by the Governor, one of
12whom shall serve as chairperson;
13    (6) the President of the Route 66 Association of Illinois,
14or his or her designee;
15    (7) the Executive Director of the Illinois Route 66 Scenic
16Byway, or his or her designee; and
17    (8) seven ex officio members as follows:
18        (A) the Governor, or his or her designee;
19        (B) the Secretary of the Department of Transportation,
20    or his or her designee;
21        (C) the Director of the Illinois Historic Preservation
22    Agency, or his or her designee;
23        (D) the Director of the Department of Natural
24    Resources, or his or her designee;
25        (E) the Director of the Office of Tourism, or his or
26    her designee;



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1        (F) the Director of the Department of Commerce and
2    Economic Opportunity, or his or her designee; and
3        (G) the Director of the State Archives, or his or her
4    designee.
5    Section 15. Ex officio members. An ex officio member of the
6Commission vacates the person's position on the Commission if
7the person ceases to hold the position that qualifies the
8person for service on the Commission.
9    Section 20. Compensation; expenses. A public member of the
10Commission is not entitled to compensation but is entitled to
11reimbursement for the travel expenses incurred by the member
12while transacting Commission business. Subject to
13appropriation, the Office of Tourism of the Department of
14Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall provide reimbursement
15under this Section.
16    Section 25. Meetings; quorum; voting.
17    (a) The Commission shall meet at least quarterly at the
18times and places in this State that the Commission designates.
19    (b) A majority of the members of the Commission constitute
20a quorum for transacting Commission business.
21    Section 30. Powers and duties. The Commission shall:
22    (1) plan and sponsor official Route 66 centennial events,



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1programs, and activities in the State;
2    (2) encourage the development of programs designed to
3involve all citizens in activities that commemorate Route 66
4centennial events in the State; and
5    (3) to the best of the Commission's ability, make available
6to the public information on Route 66 centennial events
7happening throughout the State.
8    Section 35. Administrative support. Subject to
9appropriation, the Office of Tourism shall provide
10administrative and other support to the Commission.
11    Section 40. Illinois Route 66 Centennial Commission Trust
12Fund; in-kind gifts.
13    (a) The Commission may accept monetary gifts and grants
14from any public or private source, to be held in the Illinois
15Route 66 Centennial Commission Trust Fund. The Illinois Route
1666 Centennial Commission Trust Fund is created as a
17non-appropriated trust fund to be held outside of the State
18treasury, with the State Treasurer as custodian. The Fund shall
19be expended solely for the use of the Commission in performing
20the Commission's powers and duties under this Act.
21    (b) The Commission may also accept in-kind gifts.
22    Section 45. Dissolution of the Commission. No later than
23June 30, 2027, a final report on the Commission's activities



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1shall be delivered to the Governor. The Commission shall be
2dissolved on June 30, 2027, and any assets remaining in the
3Illinois Route 66 Centennial Commission Trust Fund shall be
4deposited in to the General Revenue Fund.
5    Section 50. Repeal. This Act is repealed on December 1,