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Full Text of SB2804  99th General Assembly


Sen. Daniel Biss

Filed: 4/1/2016





09900SB2804sam001LRB099 18541 HEP 46943 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 2804 on page 2, by
3replacing lines 1 through 7 with the following:
4    "A demand under this Section applies only to wages due at
5the time of service of the demand and upon subsequent wages
6until the total amount due under the assignment is paid or the
7employee revokes the wage assignment or until the expiration of
8the employer's payroll period ending immediately prior to 84
9days after service of such demand, whichever first occurs.";
11on page 3, by replacing lines 9 through 13 with the following:
12    "Payments must be made until the total amount due under the
13assignment is paid or the employee revokes the wage
14assignment."; and



09900SB2804sam001- 2 -LRB099 18541 HEP 46943 a

1on page 4, line 2, after the period, by inserting "A wage
2assignment is a document you signed at the time you received
3your loan. It authorizes your creditor to receive a portion of
4your wages directly from your employer, in order to pay back
5your debt."; and
6on page 4, line 3, after "information", by inserting "about the
7debt and what you can do to stop your wages from being
8assigned"; and
9on page 4, line 22, by changing "form" to "Revocation Notice
10Form"; and
11on page 4, line 24, after the period, by inserting "Your
12creditor will still be able to pursue other means of collecting
13any debt you may owe, including filing a lawsuit."; and
14on page 5, by replacing line 4 with the following:
15        "(iii) the following statement: "NOTICE OF REVOCATION:
16    I am revoking the wage"; and
17on page 5, line 26, after "NOTICE", by inserting "FORM"; and
18on page 6, line 22, by changing "revocation notice" to
19"Revocation Notice Form"; and



09900SB2804sam001- 3 -LRB099 18541 HEP 46943 a

1on page 7, line 1, by changing "revocation notice" to "written
2notice of revocation"; and
3on page 7, lines 4 and 5, by changing "letter revoking the wage
4assignment" to "written notice of revocation"; and
5on page 7, line 7, by changing "revocation notice" to "written
6notice of revocation"; and
7on page 8, line 7, by changing "revocation notice" to
8"Revocation Notice Form"; and
9on page 8, line 9, by changing "written notice" to "a written
10notice of revocation"; and
11on page 8, line 15, by changing "revocation notice" to
12"Revocation Notice Form"; and
13on page 8, line 15, after "forth", by inserting "in"; and
14on page 8, line 16, after "notice", by inserting "of
15revocation"; and
16on page 8, line 23, by changing "revocation notice" to
17"Revocation Notice Form"; and



09900SB2804sam001- 4 -LRB099 18541 HEP 46943 a

1on page 8, line 24, after "notice", by inserting "of