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Full Text of SB0231  99th General Assembly


Sen. Andy Manar

Filed: 5/3/2016





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 231, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of Senate Amendment No.
41, as follows:
5on page 359, line 13, by replacing "2017-2018" with
6"2016-2017"; and
7on page 361, line 1, after "district", by inserting ",
8Laboratory School, or Alternative School"; and
9on page 363, immediately below line 8, by inserting the
11    ""Residential Boarding School Program" means a residential
12school for students in jeopardy of academic failure and
13impacted by one or more adverse childhood experiences. A
14residential program includes:
15        (A) a remedial, regular, and gifted curriculum for



09900SB0231sam002- 2 -LRB099 03162 MLM 48176 a

1    school grades 2 through 8;
2        (B) a residential component focused on social and
3    emotional well-being, safety, and life skills;
4        (C) extracurricular activities, including a military
5    leadership program, vocational education program, music
6    and art, athletics, and cultural events;
7        (D) health and mental health services;
8        (E) tutoring and a learning resource center that
9    provides individualized and small group instruction;
10        (F) community service, volunteering, and service
11    learning activities;
12        (G) a parent partnering program, which includes family
13    therapy (if needed), home visits, and parental support and
14    education and promotes familial integration into all
15    aspects of programming;
16        (H) programs that are preventative for students,
17    diverting them from such outcomes as:
18            (i) reliance on social service programs;
19            (ii) dangerous behaviors;
20            (iii) untreated or unmanaged mental and medical
21        illnesses;
22            (iv) unemployment;
23            (v) crime; and
24            (vi) involvement with the justice system;
25        (I) year-round programming, including summer camp and
26    academic enrichment; and



09900SB0231sam002- 3 -LRB099 03162 MLM 48176 a

1        (J) Professional development focused on language arts
2    and reading standards, mathematics standards, science
3    standards, technology standards, and developmental or life
4    skill standards using innovative and best practices for all
5    students."; and
6on page 365, line 7, by replacing "through (4)" with "and (3)";
8on page 366, line 23, after "Count", by inserting ","; and
9on page 369, line 26, by replacing "State" with "statewide";
11on page 385, line 18, by replacing "The" with "Beginning with
12the 2018-2019 school year, the"; and
13on page 385, line 24, by replacing "95%" with "85%"; and
14on page 386, line 3, by replacing "85%" with "75%"; and
15on page 386, line 7, by replacing "85%" with "75%"; and
16on page 386, line 8, by replacing "95%" with "85%"; and
17on page 386, line 15, by replacing "85%" with "75%"; and



09900SB0231sam002- 4 -LRB099 03162 MLM 48176 a

1on page 388, line 7, after "Level.", by inserting the
3"If, for any of the 2016-2017 through 2019-2020 school years,
4the primary State aid entitlement for a Laboratory School or
5Alternative School calculated under this subsection (i) is less
6than the Hold Harmless State Funding, the school shall receive
7a supplemental grant as follows: 100% of the difference in the
82016-2017 school year, 75% of the difference in the 2017-2018
9school year, 50% of the difference in the 2018-2019 school
10year, and 25% of the difference in the 2019-2020 school year.";
12on page 396, line 25, after "with", by inserting "the"; and
13on page 398, by replacing line 25 with the following:
14    "(n) Average Daily Attendance count adjustment for
15residential boarding school within identified school district.
16For the purposes of providing unique educational opportunities
17to dependents or youths who are academic underperformers or who
18could become academic underperformers due to circumstances,
19but who have the potential to progress to high-performers who
20are high school and college bound, a school district may
21include eligible students that attend a Residential Boarding
22School Program within that same district within the district's
23Average Daily Attendance count should both parties deem



09900SB0231sam002- 5 -LRB099 03162 MLM 48176 a

2    As used in this subsection (n), "eligible student" means a
3student who is entitled to attend school, is at risk of
4academic failure, is currently enrolled in grades 1 through 8,
5is from a family who is low income, and meets at least one of
6the following additional risk factors:
7        (1) The student is in foster care or has been declared
8    an adjudicated dependent by the court.
9        (2) The student's head of household is not the
10    student's custodial parent.
11        (3) The student has been residing in a household that
12    receives a housing voucher or has been determined eligible
13    for public housing assistance or is homeless.
14        (4) The student is from an impoverished community.
15        (5) A member of the student's immediate family has been
16    incarcerated.
17        (6) The student has experienced or is experiencing
18    traumatic events identified as adverse childhood
19    experiences that directly impact his or her educational
20    success, such as:
21            (A) abuse or neglect;
22            (B) bullying or exclusion;
23            (C) poverty or homelessness;
24            (D) discrimination;
25            (E) a household with substance abuse;
26            (F) witnessing or being a victim of violence;



09900SB0231sam002- 6 -LRB099 03162 MLM 48176 a

1            (G) household mental illness; and
2            (H) divorce, deportation, or other family
3        separation.
4    (o) References. On and after July 1, 2016, references in".