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Full Text of HB4054  99th General Assembly


Rep. Dan Brady

Filed: 3/18/2015





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4054 as follows:
3on page 1, line 9, after "within" by inserting "or outside";
5on page 1, by inserting immediately below line 12 the
7    ""Forensic pathologist" means a board certified
8pathologist by the American Board of Pathology."; and
9on page 1, lines 21 and 22, by replacing "pathologist" each
10time it appears, with "forensic pathologist"; and
11on page 2, lines 2, 5, and 6, by replacing "pathologist" each
12time it appears, with "forensic pathologist"; and
13on page 3, line 9, after the period by inserting "The Board



09900HB4054ham001- 2 -LRB099 09678 AWJ 32244 a

1shall consult with the Illinois Coroners and Medical Examiners
2Association when adopting mandatory minimum standards."; and
3on page 4, line 6, after "within" by inserting "or outside";
5on page 4, by replacing lines 11 through 17 with the following:
6    "Section 30. Death investigation training; waiver for
8    (a) The Board shall conduct or approve a training program
9in death investigation for the training of coroners. Only
10coroners who successfully complete the training program may be
11assigned as lead investigators in a coroner's investigations.
12Satisfactory completion of the training program shall be
13evidenced by a certificate issued to the coroner by the Board.
14    (b) The Board shall develop a process for waiver
15applications sent from a coroner's office for those coroners
16whose prior training and experience as a death or homicide
17investigator may qualify them for a waiver. The Board may issue
18a waiver at its discretion, based solely on the prior training
19and experience of a coroner as a death or homicide
20investigator."; and
21on page 6, line 14, by deleting "or coroner"; and



09900HB4054ham001- 3 -LRB099 09678 AWJ 32244 a

1on page 6, lines 23 to 25, to page 7, line 1, replacing "This
2Section does not affect or impede the powers of the office of
3the coroner to investigate all deaths as provided in Division
43-3 of the Counties Code", with "This Section does not affect
5or impede the powers of the office of the coroner to
6investigate all deaths as provided in Division 3-3 of the
7Counties Code and the Coroner Training Board Act.".