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Full Text of SB1496  98th General Assembly


Rep. Robert Rita

Filed: 5/28/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1496 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Registered Surgical Assistant and
5Registered Surgical Technologist Title Protection Act is
6amended by changing Section 25 as follows:
7    (225 ILCS 130/25)
8    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2014)
9    Sec. 25. Application for registration. An application for
10an initial registration shall be made to the the Department in
11writing on forms prescribed by the Department and shall be
12accompanied by the required nonrefundable fee. An application
13shall require information that, in the judgment of the
14Department, will enable the Department to evaluate the
15qualifications of an applicant for registration.
16    If an applicant fails to obtain a certificate of



09800SB1496ham002- 2 -LRB098 06227 WGH 46565 a

1registration under this Act within 3 years after filing his or
2her application, the application shall be denied. The applicant
3may make a new application, which shall be accompanied by the
4required nonrefundable fee.
5(Source: P.A. 93-280, eff. 7-1-04.)".