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Full Text of SB0016  98th General Assembly


Sen. Andy Manar

Filed: 5/20/2014





09800SB0016sam005LRB098 04277 NHT 59784 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 16, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of Senate Amendment No.
43, as follows:
5on page 321, line 15, after "methods", by inserting ", provided
6that the Additional Weight shall not exceed 0.75"; and
7by replacing line 25 on page 321 through line 1 on page 322
8with the following:
9            "low-income method; and"; and
10by replacing line 22 on page 335 through line 10 on page 336
11with the following:
12    "(2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in
13this Section, if, for any school year, a school district's
14per-pupil primary State aid allotment is less than its
15Per-pupil Hold Harmless State Funding by an amount exceeding



09800SB0016sam005- 2 -LRB098 04277 NHT 59784 a

1$1,000, then the amount of primary State aid allotted to the
2school district shall be increased by a supplemental grant
3pursuant to this paragraph (2). The primary State aid
4supplemental grant shall equal an amount sufficient to raise
5the school district's per-pupil primary State aid allotment to
6an amount that is $1,000 less than the school district's
7Per-pupil Hold Harmless State Funding. For purposes of this
8paragraph (2), a school district's per-pupil primary State aid
9allotment shall be calculated by the State Board of Education
10as the sum of the primary State aid allotted to the school
11district pursuant to subsection (e) of this Section and any
12supplemental grants pursuant to this paragraph (2) and
13paragraph (3) of this subsection (h), divided by the school
14district's Average Daily Attendance figure."; and
15on page 340, line 8, by replacing "plans and" with "plans,";
17on page 340, line 9, after "distributions", by inserting ", and
18special education maintenance of State financial support"; and
19on page 345, immediately below line 3, by inserting the
21    "(3) Each fiscal year, the State Board of Education shall
22calculate for each school district an amount of its Total
23Primary State Aid funding that shall be deemed attributable to



09800SB0016sam005- 3 -LRB098 04277 NHT 59784 a

1the provision of special educational facilities and services,
2as defined in Section 14-1.08 of this Code, in a manner that
3ensures compliance with maintenance of State financial support
4requirements under the federal Individuals with Disabilities
5Education Act. A school district must use such funds only for
6the provision of special educational facilities and services,
7as defined in Section 14-1.08 of this Code, and must comply
8with any expenditure verification procedures adopted by the
9State Board of Education.".