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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to honor the life of former State
4Representative Frederick Harris Rowe of Jacksonville, who
5passed away at the age of 89 on September 8, 2013, ending an
6exceptional life of community and political service; and
7    WHEREAS, Harris Rowe was born on November 10, 1923 in
8Jacksonville; he was educated in the Jacksonville school system
9and graduated from Jacksonville High School with the Class of
101941; he subsequently earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from
11Illinois College in Jacksonville; and
12    WHEREAS, During World War II, Harris Rowe served in the
13United States Army Air Corps and served in the South Pacific
14Theater; he later earned his Juris Doctorate from Northwestern
15University Law School; and
16    WHEREAS, After receiving his law degree in 1950, Harris
17Rowe joined his father in the administration of Central
18National Life Insurance Company, where he served as secretary
19and treasurer; he later served as president and CEO after the
20death of his father; and
21    WHEREAS, Harris Rowe married the love of his life, Alice



HR0583- 2 -LRB098 13918 GRL 48457 r

1Mary Crabtree, on December 22, 1954 in Jacksonville; and
2    WHEREAS, In addition to his successful career as a
3businessman, Harris Rowe held many leadership positions within
4his community, including chairman of the Board of Trustees of
5MacMurray College, chairman of the Board of Trustees of
6Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, director of the
7Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, president of the
8Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, president of the
9Jacksonville Kiwanis Club, and a member of the Morgan County,
10Illinois, and American Bar Associations; and
11    WHEREAS, When Harris Rowe was in junior high, he contracted
12polio; as a survivor, he served as chairman of the Morgan
13County Chapter of the National Polio Foundation for many years;
15    WHEREAS, Harris Rowe also had a love of politics which was
16instilled in him through his father, Richard Yates Rowe, who
17served as State Treasurer and Secretary of State, and his
18great-uncles, Illinois Governors Richard Yates and Richard
19Yates Jr.; and
20    WHEREAS, The political career of Harris Rowe includes 35
21years as precinct committeeman, 28 years as chairman of the
22Morgan County Republican Central Committee, and 8 years as



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1alderman for the City of Jacksonville; he served as State
2Representative of the 49th District in the Illinois General
3Assembly with the Republican Caucus for 6 years; he was also
4one of 59 successful Republican candidates on the State-wide
5at-large ballot in 1964 and was the Republican candidate for
6State Treasurer in 1966; and
7    WHEREAS, Harris Rowe served as director of the Young
8Republicans organization and was elected as a delegate to the
9Republican National Convention twice; and
10    WHEREAS, Above all, Harris Rowe was a dedicated family man
11who was a devoted to his wife, his 4 daughters, his 7
12grandchildren, and his 2 great-grandchildren; therefore, be it
15we honor the life of Harris Rowe, acknowledge the passing of a
16remarkable man who was committed to serving others, and offer
17our sincere condolences to his family and friends; and be it
19    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
20presented to the family of Harris Rowe as an expression of our
21sincere sympathy and gratitude to a man who dedicated his life
22to community and political service and was an asset to the



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1Republican Party.