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2    WHEREAS, In 2002, the Chicago Zoological Society launched
3the Good Works Initiative at Brookfield Zoo for local high
4school students with developmental disabilities; and
5    WHEREAS, Zoo staff work with Good Works' students to
6develop and fine-tune time management, communications, and
7inter-personal skills so the students are better equipped to
8find employment or volunteer opportunities after graduation;
10    WHEREAS, Good Works' participants come from 5 local high
11schools: Lyons Township, Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale South, Oak
12Park River Forest, and Riverside Brookfield and are at least 16
13years of age; and
14    WHEREAS, Special education coordinators at the partner
15schools recommend students for Good Works and assist the
16students in completing and submitting adult volunteer
17applications to the Chicago Zoological Society; and
18    WHEREAS, The Chicago Zoological Society also partners with
19the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education on the
20recruitment and placement of local high school students into
21Good Works; and



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1    WHEREAS, Good Works' students volunteer at the Hamill
2Family Play Zoo, an award-winning, nature-based, hands-on,
3learning environment for children and families at Brookfield
4Zoo; and
5    WHEREAS, Good Works' students assist Hamill Family Play Zoo
6staff with activity preparation, help to create and maintain a
7safe and welcoming environment for children and families, and
8interact with guests; and
9    WHEREAS, The experience of many children and families at
10the Hamill Family Play Zoo is enhanced because of the work that
11Good Works' students do; and
12    WHEREAS, All throughout their Good Works experience,
13students work closely with zoo staff and their school job
14coaches on developing job and life skills with many
15participants realizing noticeable growth in their social
16skills and confidence levels; and
17    WHEREAS, Good Works' students work to overcome
18developmental and social obstacles to competitive employment
19in the community and receive intensive job support and
20assistive job coaches at the zoo; and



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1    WHEREAS, Upon graduating from Good Works, many students go
2on to find fulfilling volunteer opportunities or paid
3employment at the zoo or in the community; and
4    WHEREAS, Through Good Works, individuals with
5developmental disabilities are realizing greater independence,
6enhanced quality of life, and increased confidence through
7their participation in this Brookfield Zoo-based initiative;
9    WHEREAS, Through Good Works, awareness of roles within the
10community for, and abilities of, individuals with
11developmental disabilities is created and enhanced for guests
12and staff at Brookfield Zoo, as well as members of the
13surrounding communities; and
14    WHEREAS, As Good Works completes its 10th year, it is an
15opportune time for the Illinois House of Representatives to
16recognize and highlight the Good Works' students, their job
17coaches, and families, and Chicago Zoological Society staff who
18work every day to enrich the lives of those with developmental
19disabilities; and
20    WHEREAS, If the conservation movement is going to be
21successful, it must be inclusive and inspire people from all
22income levels, and communities, while speaking to and hearing



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1from individuals with developmental disabilities; therefore,
2be it
5we celebrate the 10th year of the Good Works Initiative at
6Brookfield Zoo and congratulate Good Works' participants and
7graduates, and thank Good Works' supporters for their
8commitment to enrich the lives of students with developmental
9disabilities; and be it further
10    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
11provided to the Chicago Zoological Society to post at the
12Hamill Family Play Zoo.