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Full Text of HB5707  98th General Assembly


Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy

Filed: 4/3/2014





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 5707 as follows:
3by replacing line 24 on page 9 through line 5 on page 10 with
4the following:
5    "(d-10) Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, each
6public elementary and secondary school, charter school, and
7non-public, non-sectarian elementary and secondary school
8shall collect and maintain the following information for each
9school year:
10        (1) the number of reports of bullying made to the
11    person responsible for receiving reports of bullying at the
12    school;
13        (2) the number of investigations conducted regarding
14    reports of bullying;
15        (3) the number of reports determined to be
16    substantiated and the number determined to be
17    unsubstantiated; and



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1        (4) for substantiated reports, the number of reports
2    with outcomes involving restorative interventions, the
3    number of reports involving disciplinary action against
4    students, and the number of reports involving both
5    restorative interventions and disciplinary action.
6    Each public elementary and secondary school shall report
7this information to the superintendent of the school district
8or his or her designee, and the school district shall maintain
9the aggregate data for all of its schools and shall make the
10information available upon request and on its Internet website.
11Each charter school and non-public, non-sectarian elementary
12and secondary school shall make the information available upon
13request and on its Internet website. All identifying
14information of any student involved in a report or
15investigation of bullying shall be redacted from the
16information maintained under this subsection (d-10)."; and
17on page 10, line 6, by replacing "shall" with "may".