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Full Text of HB3260  98th General Assembly


Sen. Michael E. Hastings

Filed: 5/7/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3260 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Department of Central Management Services
5Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is amended by
6adding Section 405-282 as follows:
7    (20 ILCS 405/405-282 new)
8    Sec. 405-282. Surplus vehicles. Notwithstanding any other
9provision of law to the contrary, all State-owned vehicles that
10were reported in the Performance Audit of the State Vehicles
11Fleet released by the Office of the Auditor General in November
122011 to have been driven 7,000 miles or less in Fiscal Year
132010 are deemed surplus and shall be sold on or before January
141, 2014, or on a different date as procedures require, using
15existing rules, regulations, and procedures for the sale of
16surplus State vehicles. Notwithstanding any other provision of



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1law, vehicles with remaining useful life may be recycled into
2the State vehicle fleet to replace mission critical vehicles
3with higher maintenance costs to reduce the overall cost of
4maintaining the fleet. The 7,000 mile requirement set forth in
5this Section includes all miles driven, including all miles
6driven while on official State business and all miles driven
7while not on official State business. This Section does not
8apply to vehicles driven by police or law enforcement personnel
9while on duty, vehicles driven by employees of public
10universities of the State, or to emergency vehicles, snow
11plows, or heavy equipment vehicles. Proceeds from the sale of
12each surplus vehicle under this Section shall be deposited in
13the same manner as proceeds from the sale of surplus vehicles
14for that vehicle's particular agency under current law.
15Exceptions to this Section may be granted by the Department for
16vehicles identified in the Performance Audit of the State
17Vehicles Fleet released by the Office of the Auditor General in
18November 2011 to have been driven 7,000 miles or less in Fiscal
19Year 2010 if the exception is justified under agency head
20signature because the vehicle is mission critical for State
21business that could not otherwise be performed without the
22vehicle. Other exceptions may be granted by the Department if
23the Agency certifies to the Department that the vehicle was
24driven at least 15,000 additional miles after the date of the
25audit and before the end of Fiscal Year 2012.



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1    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
2becoming law.".