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Full Text of HB2893  98th General Assembly


Rep. Robert F Martwick

Filed: 3/19/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2893 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Department of State Police Law of the Civil
5Administrative Code of Illinois is amended by adding Section
62605-595 as follows:
7    (20 ILCS 2605/2605-595 new)
8    Sec. 2605-595. Crimes Against Police Officers Advisory.
9    (a) For purposes of this Section:
10        "Attempt" has the meaning ascribed to that term in
11    Section 8-4 of the Criminal Code of 2012.
12        "Concealment of homicidal death" has the meaning
13    ascribed to that term in Section 9-3.4 of the Criminal Code
14    of 2012.
15        "First degree murder" has the meaning ascribed to that
16    term in Section 9-1 of the Criminal Code of 2012.



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1        "Involuntary manslaughter" and "reckless homicide"
2    have the meanings ascribed to those terms in Section 9-3 of
3    the Criminal Code of 2012.
4        "Second degree murder" has the meaning ascribed to that
5    term in Section 9-2 of the Criminal Code of 2012.
6    (b) A coordinated program known as the Crimes Against
7Police Officers Advisory is established within the Department
8of State Police. The purpose of the Crimes Against Police
9Officers Advisory is to provide a regional system for the rapid
10dissemination of information regarding a person who is
11suspected of committing or attempting to commit any of the
12offenses described in subsection (c).
13    (c) The Department of State Police shall develop an
14advisory to assist law enforcement agencies when the commission
15or attempted commission of the following offenses against a
16peace officer occur:
17        (1) first degree murder;
18        (2) second degree murder;
19        (3) involuntary manslaughter;
20        (4) reckless homicide; and
21        (5) concealment of homicidal death.
22    (d) Law enforcement agencies participating in the advisory
23may request assistance when:
24        (1) the agency believes that a suspect has not been
25    apprehended;
26        (2) the agency believes that the suspect may be a



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1    serious threat to the public; and
2        (3) sufficient information is available to disseminate
3    to the public that could assist in locating the suspect.
4    (e) The Department of State Police shall reserve the
5authority to determine if dissemination of the information will
6pose a significant risk to the public or jeopardize the
8    (f) The Department of State Police may partner with media
9and may request a media broadcast concerning details of the
10suspect in order to obtain the public's assistance in locating
11the suspect or vehicle used in the offense, or both.".