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Full Text of SB0744  97th General Assembly


Rep. Lou Lang

Filed: 5/29/2011





09700SB0744ham006LRB097 04465 ASK 56476 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 744, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
41 as follows:
5on page 34, line 22, by replacing "2" with "3"; and
6on page 49, line 6, by replacing "expect" with "except"; and
7on page 85, by replacing line 7 with "(e-10), (e-15), (e-25),
8and (h-5) of Section 7 and subsections (c) and"; and
9on page 85, line 8, by replacing "(c)" with "(i)"; and
10on page 213, lines 20 and 21, by replacing "separate and apart"
11with "separately"; and
12on page 213, line 21, by replacing "fund" with "Fund"; and



09700SB0744ham006- 2 -LRB097 04465 ASK 56476 a

1on page 226, lines 5 and 6, by replacing "separate and apart"
2with "separately"; and
3on page 251, line 13, after "7.3", by inserting "7.5,"; and
4on page 256, line 12, after "is", by inserting "issued or"; and
5on page 264, line 9, by replacing "owner's" with "owners"; and
6on page 268, line 15, by replacing "by" with "affecting"; and
7on page 284, line 4, after "for", by deleting "or"; and
8on page 293, line 5, after "applicant", by inserting "or the
9proposed host municipality"; and
10on page 295, line 19, by deleting "riverboat or"; and
11on page 295, lines 21, 24, and 26, by deleting "or casino" each
12time it appears; and
13on page 296, line 2, by deleting "or casino"; and
14on page 296, by deleting lines 17 through 19; and



09700SB0744ham006- 3 -LRB097 04465 ASK 56476 a

1on page 296, line 20, by replacing "(5)" with "(4)"; and
2on page 296, line 23, by replacing "(6)" with "(5); and
3on page 302, line 1, by replacing "(e-20)" with "(e-15)"; and
4on page 302, line 2, by replacing "(e-30)" with "(e-25)"; and
5on page 302, line 12, after "who", by inserting "conducted
6gambling operations prior to January 1, 2011 and"; and
7on page 302, line 20, by replacing "the owners licensee" with
8"that owners licensee"; and
9on page 302, line 26, by replacing "subsection" with
10"subsection (h-5)"; and
11on page 306, immediately below line 18, by inserting the
13    "(230 ILCS 10/7.5)
14    Sec. 7.5. Competitive Bidding. When the Board determines
15that it will re-issue an owners license pursuant to an open and
16competitive bidding process, as set forth in Section 7.1, or
17that it will issue a managers license pursuant to an open and
18competitive bidding process, as set forth in Section 7.4, or



09700SB0744ham006- 4 -LRB097 04465 ASK 56476 a

1that it will issue an owners license pursuant to an open and
2competitive bidding process, as set forth in Section 7.11, the
3open and competitive bidding process shall adhere to the
4following procedures:
5    (1) The Board shall make applications for owners and
6managers licenses available to the public and allow a
7reasonable time for applicants to submit applications to the
9    (2) During the filing period for owners or managers license
10applications, the Board may retain the services of an
11investment banking firm to assist the Board in conducting the
12open and competitive bidding process.
13    (3) After receiving all of the bid proposals, the Board
14shall open all of the proposals in a public forum and disclose
15the prospective owners or managers names, venture partners, if
16any, and, in the case of applicants for owners licenses, the
17locations of the proposed development sites.
18    (4) The Board shall summarize the terms of the proposals
19and may make this summary available to the public.
20    (5) The Board shall evaluate the proposals within a
21reasonable time and select no more than 3 final applicants to
22make presentations of their proposals to the Board.
23    (6) The final applicants shall make their presentations to
24the Board on the same day during an open session of the Board.
25    (7) As soon as practicable after the public presentations
26by the final applicants, the Board, in its discretion, may



09700SB0744ham006- 5 -LRB097 04465 ASK 56476 a

1conduct further negotiations among the 3 final applicants.
2During such negotiations, each final applicant may increase its
3license bid or otherwise enhance its bid proposal. At the
4conclusion of such negotiations, the Board shall select the
5winning proposal. In the case of negotiations for an owners
6license, the Board may, at the conclusion of such negotiations,
7make the determination allowed under Section 7.3(a).
8    (8) Upon selection of a winning bid, the Board shall
9evaluate the winning bid within a reasonable period of time for
10licensee suitability in accordance with all applicable
11statutory and regulatory criteria.
12    (9) If the winning bidder is unable or otherwise fails to
13consummate the transaction, (including if the Board determines
14that the winning bidder does not satisfy the suitability
15requirements), the Board may, on the same criteria, select from
16the remaining bidders or make the determination allowed under
17Section 7.3(a).
18(Source: P.A. 93-28, eff. 6-20-03.)"; and
19on page 321, line 18, by replacing "(e-10)" with "(e-5)"; and
20on page 344, lines 16 and 17, by replacing "a licensed owner"
21with "such licensee"; and
22on page 350, line 2, by replacing "and," with "and"; and



09700SB0744ham006- 6 -LRB097 04465 ASK 56476 a

1on page 354, line 19, after "2012.", by inserting "Payments
2received by the host municipality pursuant to this subsection
3(b-4) may not be shared with any other unit of local
4government."; and
5on page 357, line 11, after "Assembly.", by inserting "Deposits
6made pursuant to this subsection (b-7) shall supplement, and
7not supplant, other State funding for these purposes."; and
8on page 357, line 16, by replacing "$20,000" with "$100,000".