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Full Text of HB2934  97th General Assembly


Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie

Filed: 5/16/2011





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2934, AS AMENDED, by
3replacing everything after the enacting clause with the
5    "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Cash
6Management and Medicaid Maximization Act of 2011.
7    Section 5. Interfund transfers.
8    (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of State law to the
9contrary, on the effective date of this Act, or as soon
10thereafter as practical, for the purpose of accessing enhanced
11federal Medicaid matching funds that expire on June 30, 2011,
12on or after June 20, 2011 and no later than June 25, 2011 the
13Governor, the State Comptroller, and the State Treasurer shall
14transfer amounts into the Healthcare Provider Relief Fund from
15special funds of the State, excluding the Road Fund and the
16State Construction Account Fund, not to exceed $900,000,000.



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1    (b) No transfer may be made from a special fund under this
2Section that would have the effect of reducing the available
3balance in the fund to an amount less than the amount remaining
4unexpended and unreserved from the total appropriation from
5that fund estimated to be expended for the months of July and
6August 2011. Notwithstanding any other provision of this
7Section, no such transfer may be made from any special fund
8that is exclusively collected by or appropriated to any other
9constitutional officer without the written approval of that
10constitutional officer. Any moneys transferred pursuant to
11this Act shall be repaid from the General Revenue Fund to the
12fund of origin by July 31, 2011.
13    (c) On and after the effective date of this Act through
14July 30, 2011, if any special fund utilized for the purpose of
15this Act has insufficient cash from which the State Comptroller
16may make expenditures properly supported by appropriations
17from the fund, then the Governor, the State Treasurer, and the
18State Comptroller shall transfer from the General Revenue Fund
19to the fund only such amount as is immediately necessary to
20satisfy outstanding expenditure obligations on a timely basis,
21subject to the provisions of the State Prompt Payment Act. All
22or a portion of the amounts transferred from the General
23Revenue Fund to a fund pursuant to this subsection (c) from
24time to time may be re-transferred by the Governor, the State
25Comptroller, and the State Treasurer from the receiving fund
26into the General Revenue Fund as soon as and to the extent that



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1deposits are made into or receipts are collected by the
2receiving fund.
3    (d) By no later than July 30, 2011 any amounts transferred
4under the authority of this Section shall be transferred back
5and receipted by the General Revenue Fund. These transfers back
6to the funds of origin shall be made and receipted
7notwithstanding any other State law to the contrary.
8    Section 10. Interest payable to special funds. As soon as
9practical, after all amounts initially transferred under the
10authority of this Act from special funds of the State have been
11transferred back pursuant to Section 5 of this Act, the State
12Treasurer shall calculate the amounts of interest that would
13have accrued to those special funds if those transfers had not
14occurred and transfer those amounts from the General Revenue
15Fund to those special funds.
16    Section 15. Prohibition on payments to contractors. No
17fees or expenses shall be paid by the State to any contractual
18legal counsel, financial advisor, or other consultant or
19contractor in relation to the actions authorized pursuant to
20this Act.
21    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
22becoming law.".