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Full Text of HB1960  97th General Assembly


Rep. Franco Coladipietro

Filed: 3/22/2011





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1960 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Code of Civil Procedure is amended by
5adding Section 15-1505.6 as follows:
6    (735 ILCS 5/15-1505.6 new)
7    Sec. 15-1505.6. Objection to jurisdiction over the person.
8    (a) In any residential foreclosure action, the deadline for
9filing a motion to dismiss the entire proceeding or to quash
10service of process that objects to the court's jurisdiction
11over the person, unless extended by the court for good cause
12shown, is 60 days after the earlier of these events: (i) the
13date that the moving party filed an appearance; or (ii) the
14date that the moving party participated in a hearing without
15filing an appearance.
16    (b) In any residential foreclosure action, if the objecting



09700HB1960ham003- 2 -LRB097 05311 AJO 53286 a

1party files a responsive pleading or a motion (other than a
2motion for an extension of time to answer or otherwise appear)
3prior to the filing of a motion in compliance with subsection
4(a), that party waives all objections to the court's
5jurisdiction over the party's person.
6    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
7becoming law.".