SR0605 LRB096 19951 GRL 35431 r


2     WHEREAS, In response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on
3 the World Trade Center, it was determined that Illinois local
4 law enforcement lacked a central organization that could
5 coordinate mutual aid between law enforcement agencies in the
6 event of natural or man-made disasters; and
7     WHEREAS, The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, known
8 as ILEAS, was created to coordinate mutual aid between law
9 enforcement agencies when a disaster in one jurisdiction
10 exceeds the law enforcement capabilities of that jurisdiction;
11 and
12     WHEREAS, ILEAS, pursuant to State statues, has become a
13 consortium of local governments that consists of over 900
14 Illinois police and sheriff departments, representing nearly
15 99% of all law enforcement officers in Illinois; and
16     WHEREAS, ILEAS is governed by professional police chiefs
17 and sheriffs elected by their peers from regions throughout the
18 State; and
19     WHEREAS, ILEAS has repeatedly demonstrated a dedication to
20 providing assistance to local law enforcement agencies in times
21 of need; and



SR0605 - 2 - LRB096 19951 GRL 35431 r

1     WHEREAS, ILEAS routinely assists local law enforcement
2 with preparations to respond to disasters through the efficient
3 administration of over $60,000,000 in federal grants from the
4 Department of Homeland Security; and
5     WHEREAS, ILEAS is a gubernatorial appointee to the Illinois
6 Terrorism Task Force, charged with representing local law
7 enforcement in regards to Homeland Security; and
8     WHEREAS, ILEAS has developed a national reputation for
9 professionalism through the Illinois response to Hurricanes
10 Katrina and Rita and the development of special teams, whose
11 purpose is to respond in times of need; and
12     WHEREAS, This national reputation led the Pittsburgh
13 Police Department to immediately call ILEAS for assistance when
14 it first learned that Pittsburgh was to host the G20 Economic
15 Summit; and
16     WHEREAS, ILEAS successfully organized 60 local law
17 enforcement agencies to send 150 police officers from the ILEAS
18 Mobile Field Force teams to Pittsburgh, where they actively
19 assisted the Pittsburgh Police Department in maintaining
20 security for the G20 Economic Summit; and



SR0605 - 3 - LRB096 19951 GRL 35431 r

1     WHEREAS, The ILEAS model of inter-governmental cooperation
2 has successfully demonstrated that cooperation can lead to
3 great accomplishments and better serve the interests of the
4 citizens of Illinois and the nation; therefore, be it
6 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we recognize the
7 Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System as a consortium of local
8 governments, whose interest is the protection of the citizens
9 of Illinois in times of crisis; and be it further
10     RESOLVED, That we further recognize the great efforts put
11 forth by the ILEAS membership in creating a successful system
12 of mutual aid to provide assistance when called upon by all law
13 enforcement agencies in Illinois.