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Full Text of HB3564  94th General Assembly


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Filed: 3/9/2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3564 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 5. The Department of Public Health Powers and
5 Duties Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is
6 amended by changing Sections 2310-350 and 2310-353 as follows:
7     (20 ILCS 2310/2310-350)  (was 20 ILCS 2310/55.70)
8     Sec. 2310-350. Penny Severns Breast, and Cervical, and
9 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. From funds appropriated from the
10 Penny Severns Breast, and Cervical, and Ovarian Cancer Research
11 Fund, the Department shall award grants to eligible physicians,
12 hospitals, laboratories, education institutions, and other
13 organizations and persons to enable organizations and persons
14 to conduct research. Disbursements from the Penny Severns
15 Breast, Cervical, and Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for the
16 purpose of ovarian cancer research shall be subject to
17 appropriations. For the purposes of this Section, "research"
18 includes, but is not limited to, expenditures to develop and
19 advance the understanding, techniques, and modalities
20 effective in early detection, prevention, cure, screening, and
21 treatment of breast, and cervical, and ovarian cancer and may
22 include clinical trials.
23     Moneys received for the purposes of this Section, including
24 but not limited to income tax checkoff receipts and gifts,



09400HB3564ham001 - 2 - LRB094 08052 RXD 42825 a

1 grants, and awards from private foundations, nonprofit
2 organizations, other governmental entities, and persons shall
3 be deposited into the Penny Severns Breast, and Cervical, and
4 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, which is hereby created as a
5 special fund in the State treasury.
6     The Department shall create an advisory committee with
7 members from, but not limited to, the Illinois Chapter of the
8 American Cancer Society, Y-Me, the Susan G. Komen Foundation,
9 and the State Board of Health for the purpose of awarding
10 research grants under this Section. Members of the advisory
11 committee shall not be eligible for any financial compensation
12 or reimbursement.
13 (Source: P.A. 91-107, eff. 7-13-99; 91-239, eff. 1-1-00; 92-16,
14 eff. 6-28-01.)
15     (20 ILCS 2310/2310-353)
16     Sec. 2310-353. Cervical, Breast, and Ovarian Cancer
17 Elimination Task Force.
18     (a) A standing Task Force on Cervical, Breast, and Ovarian
19 Cancer Elimination ("Task Force") is established within the
20 Illinois Department of Public Health.
21     (b) The Task Force shall have 12 members appointed by the
22 Director of Public Health as follows:
23         (1) A representative of an organization relating to
24     women and cancer.
25         (2) A representative of an organization providing
26     health care to women.
27         (3) A health educator.
28         (4) A representative of a national organization
29     relating to cancer treatment who is an oncologist.
30         (5) A representative of the health insurance industry.
31         (6) A representative of a national organization of
32     obstetricians and gynecologists.
33         (7) A representative of a national organization of



09400HB3564ham001 - 3 - LRB094 08052 RXD 42825 a

1     family physicians.
2         (8) The State Epidemiologist.
3         (9) A member at-large with an interest in women's
4     health.
5         (10) A social marketing expert on health issues.
6         (11) A licensed registered nurse.
7         (12) A member of the Illinois Breast and Cervical
8     Cancer Medical Advisory Committee.
9     The directors of Public Health and Public Aid, and the
10 Secretary of Human Services, or their designees, and the Chair
11 and Vice-Chair of the Conference of Women Legislators in
12 Illinois, or their designees, shall be ex officio members of
13 the Task Force. The Director of Public Health shall also
14 consult with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the
15 Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, the President
16 of the Senate, and the Minority Leader of the Senate in the
17 designation of members of the Illinois General Assembly as
18 ex-officio members.
19     Appointments to the Task Force should reflect the
20 composition of the Illinois population with regard to ethnic,
21 racial, age, and religious composition.
22     (c) The Director of Public Health shall appoint a Chair
23 from among the members of the Task Force. The Task Force shall
24 elect a Vice-Chair from its members. Initial appointments to
25 the Task Force shall be made not later than 30 days after the
26 effective date of this amendatory Act of the 93rd General
27 Assembly. A majority of the Task Force shall constitute a
28 quorum for the transaction of its business. The Task Force
29 shall meet at least quarterly. The Task Force Chair may
30 establish sub-committees for the purpose of making special
31 studies; such sub-committees may include non-Task-Force
32 members as resource persons.
33     (d) Members of the Task Force shall be reimbursed for their
34 necessary expenses incurred in performing their duties. The



09400HB3564ham001 - 4 - LRB094 08052 RXD 42825 a

1 Department of Public Health shall provide staff and technical
2 assistance to the Task Force to the extent possible within
3 annual appropriations for its ordinary and contingent
4 expenses.
5     (e) The Task Force shall have the following duties:
6         (1) To obtain from the Department of Public Health, if
7     available, data and analyses regarding the prevalence and
8     burden of cervical, breast, and ovarian cancer. The Task
9     Force may conduct or arrange for independent studies and
10     analyses.
11         (2) To coordinate the efforts of the Task Force with
12     existing State committees and programs providing cervical,
13     breast, and ovarian cancer screening, education, and case
14     management.
15         (3) To raise public awareness on the causes and nature
16     of cervical, breast, and ovarian cancer, personal risk
17     factors, the value of prevention, early detection, options
18     for testing, treatment costs, new technology, medical care
19     reimbursement, and physician education.
20         (4) To identify priority strategies, new technologies,
21     and newly introduced vaccines that are effective in
22     preventing and controlling the risk of cervical, breast,
23     and ovarian cancer.
24         (5) To identify and examine the limitations of existing
25     laws, regulations, programs, and services with regard to
26     coverage and awareness issues for cervical, breast, and
27     ovarian cancer, including requiring insurance or other
28     coverage for PAP smears and mammograms in accordance with
29     the most recently published American Cancer Society
30     guidelines.
31         (6) To develop a statewide comprehensive Cervical,
32     Breast, and Ovarian Cancer Prevention Plan and strategies
33     for implementing the Plan and for promoting the Plan to the
34     general public, State and local elected officials, and



09400HB3564ham001 - 5 - LRB094 08052 RXD 42825 a

1     various public and private organizations, associations,
2     businesses, industries, and agencies.
3         (7) To receive and to consider reports and testimony
4     from individuals, local health departments,
5     community-based organizations, voluntary health
6     organizations, and other public and private organizations
7     statewide to learn more about their contributions to
8     cervical, breast, and ovarian cancer diagnosis,
9     prevention, and treatment and more about their ideas for
10     improving cervical, breast, and ovarian cancer prevention,
11     diagnosis, and treatment in Illinois.
12     (f) The Task Force shall submit a report to the Governor
13 and the General Assembly by April 1, 2006 2005 and by April 1
14 of each year thereafter. The report shall include (i)
15 information regarding the progress being made in fulfilling the
16 duties of the Task Force and in developing the Cervical,
17 Breast, and Ovarian Cancer Prevention Plan and (ii) recommended
18 strategies or actions to reduce the occurrence of cervical,
19 breast, and ovarian cancer and the burdens from cervical,
20 breast, and ovarian cancer suffered by citizens of this State.
21     (g) The Task Force shall expire on April 1, 2009, or upon
22 submission of the Task Force's final report to the Governor and
23 the General Assembly, whichever occurs earlier.
24 (Source: P.A. 93-956, eff. 8-19-04.)
25     Section 10. The State Finance Act is amended by changing
26 Section 5.362 as follows:
27     (30 ILCS 105/5.362)
28     Sec. 5.362. The Penny Severns Breast, and Cervical, and
29 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.
30 (Source: P.A. 91-107, eff. 7-13-99.)".