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Full Text of HB1614  94th General Assembly


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Filed: 2/15/2006





09400HB1614ham001 LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1614 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5 Illinois Appliance Efficiency Standards Act.
6     Section 5. Purpose and findings.
7     (a) This Act provides for the establishment of minimum
8 efficiency standards for certain products sold or installed in
9 this State.
10     (b) The General Assembly finds that:
11         (1) Efficiency standards for certain products sold or
12     installed in this State assure consumers and businesses
13     that the products meet minimum efficiency performance
14     levels, thus saving money on heating or electric bills.
15         (2) Such efficiency standards save energy and thus
16     reduce pollution and other environmental impacts
17     associated with the production, distribution, and use of
18     electricity and natural gas.
19         (3) Such efficiency standards can make electricity
20     systems more reliable by reducing the strain on the
21     electricity grid during peak demand periods.
22         (4) Energy efficiency standards contribute to the
23     economy of this State by enabling consumers and business
24     owners to spend less on energy, leaving more for the



09400HB1614ham001 - 2 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1     purchase of local goods and services.
2     Section 10. Definitions. As used in this Act:
3     "Department" means the Department of Commerce and Economic
4 Opportunity.
5     "Ballast" means a device used with an electric discharge
6 lamp to obtain necessary circuit conditions (voltage, current
7 and waveform) for starting and operating the lamp.
8     "Boiler" means a self-contained appliance for supplying
9 steam or hot water primarily intended for space-heating and
10 which utilizes only single-phase electric current, or
11 single-phase electric current or DC current in conjunction with
12 natural gas, propane, or home heating oil, and which:
13         (1) is designed to be the principal heating source for
14     the living space of one or more residences;
15         (2) has a heat input rate of less than 300,000 Btu per
16     hour; and
17         (3) is not an appliance designed for the primary
18     purpose of supplying hot water for purposes other than
19     heating.
20      "Compensation" means money or any other valuable thing,
21 regardless of form, received or to be received by a person for
22 services rendered.
23     "Electricity ratio" means the ratio of furnace electricity
24 use to total furnace energy use. Electricity ratio =
25 (3.412*EAE)/(1000*EF + 3.412*EAE) where EAE and EF are defined in
26 Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
27     "Furnace" means a self-contained space heater designed to
28 supply heated air through ducts of more than 10 inches length
29 and which utilizes only single-phase electric current, or
30 single-phase electric current or DC current in conjunction with
31 natural gas, propane, or home heating oil, and which:
32         (1) is designed to be the principle heating source for
33     the living space of one or more residences;



09400HB1614ham001 - 3 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1         (2) is not contained within the same cabinet with a
2     central air conditioner whose rated cooling capacity is
3     above 65,000 Btu per hour; and
4         (3) has a heat input rate of less than 225,000 Btu per
5     hour.
6     "High-intensity discharge lamp" means a lamp in which light
7 is produced by the passage of an electric current through a
8 vapor or gas and in which the light-producing arc is stabilized
9 by bulb wall temperature and the arc tube has a bulb wall
10 loading in excess of 3 watts per square centimeter.
11     "Medium voltage dry-type distribution transformer" means a
12 transformer that:
13         (1) has an input voltage of more than 600 volts but
14     less than or equal to 34,500 volts;
15         (2) is air-cooled;
16         (3) does not use oil as a coolant; and
17         (4) is rated for operation at a frequency of 60 Hertz.
18     "Metal halide lamp" means a high-intensity discharge lamp
19 in which the major portion of the light is produced by
20 radiation of metal halides and their products of dissociation,
21 possibly in combination with metallic vapors.
22     "Metal halide lamp fixture" means a light fixture designed
23 to be operated with a metal halide lamp and a ballast for a
24 metal halide lamp.
25     "Probe-start metal halide ballast" means a ballast used to
26 operate metal halide lamps which does not contain an igniter
27 and which instead starts lamps by using a third starting
28 electrode probe in the arc tube.
29     "Single-voltage external AC to DC power supply" means a
30 device that:
31         (1) is designed to convert line voltage AC input into
32     lower voltage DC output;
33         (2) is able to convert to only one DC output voltage at
34     a time;



09400HB1614ham001 - 4 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1         (3) is sold with, or intended to be used with, a
2     separate end-use product that constitutes the primary
3     power load;
4         (4) is contained within a separate physical enclosure
5     from the end-use product;
6         (5) is connected to the end-use product via a removable
7     or hard-wired male/female electrical connection, cable,
8     cord or other wiring;
9         (6) does not have batteries or battery packs, including
10     those that are removable, that physically attach directly
11     to the power supply unit;
12         (7) does not have a battery chemistry or type selector
13     switch and indicator light, or does not have a battery
14     chemistry or type selector switch and a state of charge
15     meter; and
16         (8) has a nameplate output power less than or equal to
17     250 watts.
18     "State-regulated incandescent reflector lamp" means a
19 lamp, not colored or designed for rough or vibration service
20 applications, with an inner reflective coating on the outer
21 bulb to direct the light, an E26 medium screw base, a rated
22 voltage or voltage range that lies at least partially within
23 115 to 130 volts and that falls into either of the following
24 categories: a bulged reflector, elliptical reflector, blown
25 parabolic aluminized reflector or similar bulb shape with a
26 diameter equal to or greater than 2.25 inches; or a reflector,
27 parabolic aluminized reflector, bulged reflector or similar
28 bulb shape with a diameter of 2.25 to 2.75 inches, inclusive.
29     "Transformer" means a device consisting of 2 or more coils
30 of insulated wire and that is designed to transfer alternating
31 current by electromagnetic induction from one coil to another
32 to change the original voltage or current value. This term does
33 not include: (1) devices with multiple voltage taps, with the
34 highest voltage tap equaling at least 20% more than the lowest



09400HB1614ham001 - 5 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1 voltage tap; or (2) devices, such as those commonly known as
2 drive transformers, rectifier transformers, auto-transformers,
3 uninterruptible power system transformers, impedance
4 transformers, regulating transformers, sealed and
5 non-ventilating transformers, machine tool transformers,
6 welding transformers, grounding transformers, or testing
7 transformers, that are designed to be used in a special-purpose
8 application and are unlikely to be used in general-purpose
9 applications.
10     Section 15. Scope.
11     (a) The provisions of this Act apply to the testing,
12 certification, and enforcement of efficiency standards for the
13 following types of new products sold, offered for sale, or
14 installed in this State:
15         (1) medium voltage dry-type distribution transformers;
16         (2) metal halide lamp fixtures;
17         (3) furnaces and boilers;
18         (4) single-voltage external AC to DC power supplies;
19     and
20         (5) State-regulated incandescent reflector lamps.
21     (b) The provisions of this Act do not apply to:
22          (1) new products manufactured in this State and sold
23     outside this State;
24         (2) new products manufactured outside this State and
25     sold at wholesale inside this State for final retail sale
26     and installation outside this State;
27         (3) products installed in mobile manufactured homes at
28     the time of construction;
29         (4) products designed expressly for installation and
30     use in recreational vehicles; or
31         (5) Stock available for sale at retail on the effective
32     date of this Act.



09400HB1614ham001 - 6 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1     Section 20. Efficiency standards. The initial minimum
2 efficiency standards for the types of new products set forth in
3 Section 15 are as follows:
4         (1) Medium voltage dry-type distribution transformers
5     shall meet minimum efficiency levels three-tenths of a
6     percentage point higher than the Class 1 efficiency levels
7     for medium voltage distribution transformers specified in
8     Table 4-2 of the "Guide for Determining Energy Efficiency
9     for Distribution Transformers" published by the National
10     Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA Standard
11     TP-1-2002).
12         (2) Metal halide lamp fixtures designed to be operated
13     with lamps rated greater than or equal to 150 watts but
14     less than or equal to 500 watts shall not contain a
15     probe-start metal halide ballast.
16         (3) Furnaces and boilers shall meet or exceed the
17     applicable Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)
18     levels in the following table:
19    Product TypeMinimum Efficiency Level
20    Gas and propane furnaces    90% AFUE
21    Oil furnaces    83% AFUE
22    Gas and propane hot water
23    boilers    84% AFUE
24    Gas and propane steam
25    boilers    82% AFUE
26    Oil-fired steam
27    boilers    82% AFUE
28         Residential furnace air handlers shall have an ER of 2%
29     or less, except that residential oil furnaces with a
30     capacity of less than 94,000 Btu per hour shall have an ER
31     of 2.3% or less.
32         (4) Single-voltage external AC to DC power supplies
33     shall meet the tier 1 energy efficiency requirements of
34     California Code of Regulations, Title 20, Section 1605.3 as



09400HB1614ham001 - 7 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1     published in April 2005. This standard applies to
2     single-voltage AC to DC power supplies that are sold
3     individually and to those that are sold as a component of
4     or in conjunction with another product.
5         (5) State-regulated incandescent reflector lamps shall
6     meet the minimum average lamp efficiency requirements for
7     federally-regulated incandescent reflector lamps contained
8     in 42 U.S.C. section 6295 (i)(1)(A). The following lamps
9     are exempt from these requirements: ER30, BR30, BR40, and
10     ER40 of 50 watts or less; BR30, BR40, and ER40 of 65 watts;
11     and R20 of 45 watts or less.
12     Section 25. Implementation.
13     (a) On and after January 1, 2008, no new medium voltage
14 dry-type distribution transformer, single-voltage external AC
15 to DC power supply, or State-regulated incandescent reflector
16 lamp may be sold or offered for sale in the State unless the
17 efficiency of the new product meets or exceeds the efficiency
18 standards set forth in Section 20.
19     On and after January 1, 2009, no new metal halide lamp
20 fixture may be sold or offered for sale in the State unless the
21 efficiency of the product meets or exceeds the efficiency
22 standards set forth in Section 20.
23     In consultation with the Attorney General, the Department
24 shall determine if implementation of State standards for
25 furnaces and boilers requires a waiver from federal preemption,
26 and, if necessary, shall apply for such waiver within 18 months
27 of the effective date of this Act. If the Department determines
28 that a waiver from federal preemption is necessary for State
29 furnace and boiler standards, the State standards shall go into
30 effect at the earliest date permitted by federal law. If the
31 Department determines that a waiver from federal preemption is
32 not needed for State furnace and boiler standards, then the
33 State standards shall go into effect on June 1, 2008.



09400HB1614ham001 - 8 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1     (b) One year after the date upon which sale or offering for
2 sale of certain products is limited pursuant to subsection (a),
3 no new products may be installed for compensation in the State
4 unless the efficiency of the new product meets or exceeds the
5 efficiency standards set forth in Section 20.
6     Section 35. Testing, certification, labeling, and
7 enforcement.
8     (a) The manufacturers of new products subject to this Act
9 shall cause samples of such products to be tested in accordance
10 with the appropriate test procedures. With respect to
11 efficiency standards adopted by reference under Section 20, the
12 appropriate test methods shall be those specified in the
13 adopted standards.
14     (b) Manufacturers of new products subject to this Act shall
15 certify to the Department that such products are in compliance
16 with the provisions of this Act. The Department may adopt
17 procedures and requirements governing the certification of
18 such products and may work in coordination with the
19 certification programs of other states. With respect to a
20 product for which the Illinois efficiency standards and
21 labeling requirements are the same as those of the federal
22 government or another state, the Department may accept as
23 sufficient for compliance with this subsection the
24 manufacturer's certification to the federal government or that
25 other state, whichever is applicable, that the product complies
26 with those standards and requirements.
27     (c) Manufacturers of new products subject to this Act shall
28 identify each such product offered for sale or installation in
29 this State as in compliance with the provisions of this Act by
30 means of a mark, label, or tag on the product and packaging at
31 the time of sale or installation. The Department shall propose
32 and shall adopt rules governing the identification of such
33 products and packaging and may work in coordination with the



09400HB1614ham001 - 9 - LRB094 02880 RSP 55144 a

1 labeling programs of other states.
2     (d) The Department may cause investigations to be made of
3 complaints received concerning violations of this Act and may
4 report the results of such investigations to the Attorney
5 General. The Attorney General may institute proceedings to
6 enforce the provisions of this Act.
7     (e) A manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or installer
8 who violates any provision of this Act shall be issued a
9 warning by the Department for the first violation. Repeat
10 violations shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than
11 $250. Each violation shall constitute a separate offense, and
12 each day that a violation continues shall constitute a separate
13 offense. Penalties assessed under this subsection are in
14 addition to costs assessed under subsection (d).
15     (f) The Department may propose and adopt any rules that are
16 necessary to ensure the proper implementation and enforcement
17 of this Act.
18     (g) Subject to appropriation, the Department may create and
19 maintain any programs, including, but not limited to, technical
20 assistance, education, and public awareness programs, that the
21 Department deems necessary for the implementation of this Act.
22     Section 97. Severability. The provisions of this Act are
23 severable under Section 1.31 of the Statute on Statutes.
24     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
25 becoming law.".