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Full Text of SB1147  93rd General Assembly

SB1147ham002 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 09616 DRH 15655 a

 1                    AMENDMENT TO SENATE BILL 1147

 2        AMENDMENT NO.     .  Amend Senate Bill 1147, AS  AMENDED,
 3    in  Section  5, by replacing the introductory clause with the
 4    following:

 5        "Section 1.  Short title. This Act may be  cited  as  the
 6    Freedom to Be a Patriot Act.

 7        Section  5.   Display at State buildings.  Display of the
 8    flag of the United  States  may  not  be  prohibited  at  any
 9    building  owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the State
10    of Illinois.

11        Section 7.  The Military Code of Illinois is  amended  by
12    adding Section 25.6 as follows:

13        (20 ILCS 1805/25.6 new)
14        Sec. 25.6.  Illinois Military Flags Commission.
15        (a)  The    Illinois   Military   Flags   Commission   is
16    established for the purpose of assisting the Adjutant General
17    with his or her responsibilities under  Section  25  of  this
18    Code.   The  Commission  shall advise the Adjutant General on
19    how to best collect, preserve, and present or display to  the
20    public  the  colors, flags, guidons, and military trophies of
                            -2-      LRB093 09616 DRH 15655 a
 1    war  belonging  to  the  State  in   order   to   disseminate
 2    information  relating to the history of the Illinois National
 3    Guard.
 4        (b)  The Commission consists of 15 members: the  Adjutant
 5    General,  the  State  Historian, the Director of the Illinois
 6    State Museum, and the Director of the  Historic  Preservation
 7    Agency,  all  ex  officio; 4 members of the General Assembly,
 8    one of whom shall  be  appointed  by  the  President  of  the
 9    Senate,  one by the Minority Leader of the Senate, one by the
10    Speaker of the House  of  Representatives,  and  one  by  the
11    Minority  Leader  of  the  House  of  Representatives;  and 7
12    residents of  the  State  appointed  by  the  Governor.  When
13    appointing  members  to  the  Commission,  the  Governor must
14    endeavor to appoint  persons  in  a  manner  to  maintain  as
15    regionally   diverse  a  membership  as  possible.    Persons
16    appointed to the Commission should provide it with experience
17    in areas such as, but not limited to, knowledge  of  military
18    history,  particularly  of  the  American  Civil War, and the
19    education of citizens.  Any vacancy in the  Commission  shall
20    be  filled  by  an  appointment  in  the  same  manner as the
21    original appointment. Members of the Commission  shall  serve
22    without  compensation,  but  shall  be  reimbursed  for their
23    reasonable expenses incurred  in  the  performance  of  their
24    duties.
25        (c)  This Section is repealed on January 1, 2006.

26        Section  8.  The  Condominium  Property Act is amended by
27    adding Section 18.6 as follows:"; and

28    below the  last  line  of  Sec.  103.30  in  Section  10,  by
29    inserting the following:

30        "Section  99.  Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
31    becoming law.".