HR0452 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 12055 HSS 16765 r

 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the House of  Representatives  of
 3    the  State  of Illinois wish to congratulate Loann J. Honesty
 4    King on the occasion of her retirement as the Vice  President
 5    of Student Services and Enrollment Management at Kennedy-King
 6    College  after 40 years of committed and dedicated service as
 7    an educator and administrator; and

 8        WHEREAS, Vice President King's  career  began  at  Parker
 9    (Robeson)  High  School  in  1963,  where she taught Business
10    Education and served as  a  Counselor  and  Chairman  of  the
11    Counseling  Department;  in 1980, she went on to work at Jobs
12    for Youth/Chicago, Inc. as Deputy Director and then Associate
13    Executive  Director;  following  that,  she  worked  for  the
14    Illinois Community College Board as Grant Coordinator for the
15    northern Illinois area; in 1987, she joined City Colleges  of
16    Chicago as Grant Coordinator and Consultant for Malcolm X and
17    Chicago City-Wide College respectively; and

18        WHEREAS,  Vice  President  King  moved  on  to  serve  as
19    Assistant  Dean  of  Instruction,  Assistant  Dean of Student
20    Services, Dean of Career Programs, and Dean of Instruction at
21    Olive-Harvey College; her  student  advocacy,  organizational
22    skills,  and  contribution to enrollment increases was marked
23    and  she   was   asked   to   join   Kennedy-King   College's
24    administrative  staff  as  Dean  of  Instruction in August of
25    1999; in May of 2001, she was promoted to Vice  President  of
26    Student Services and Enrollment Management; and

27        WHEREAS,   Mrs.   King   has   been   honored   for   her
28    professionalism   and  commitment  to  student  advocacy;  in
29    February of 2002,  she  was  awarded  the  National  Resource
30    Center   for   the  First-Year  Experience  and  Students  in
31    Transition's Outstanding First-Year Student  Advocate  Award;
32    in  1998, she was nominated by Olive-Harvey College and again
                            -2-      LRB093 12055 HSS 16765 r
 1    in 2003 by Kennedy-King  College  as  the  recipient  of  the
 2    Outstanding/Phenomenal   Woman   Award   from   the  American
 3    Association of Women in Community Colleges, Harold Washington
 4    College Chapter; her professional accomplishments  have  also
 5    been  recognized  by  the  U.S.  Department  of Education and
 6    Chicago State University; and

 7        WHEREAS,  Mrs.  King  is  active  in  many  service   and
 8    community-based   organizations;  she  is  a  former  Central
 9    Regional Director and National Treasurer of Alpha Kappa Alpha
10    Sorority, Inc., and is currently  a  member  of  Theta  Omega
11    Chapter,  and the Hoffman Estates Chapter of the Links, Inc.;
12    she serves on the Chicago Community Trust's African  American
13    Initiative  Committee,  and  holds  active  membership in the
14    Illinois  Council  of   Community   College   Administrators,
15    American  Association of Women in Community Colleges, Chicago
16    Urban League, and  the  American  Association  of  Collegiate
17    Registrars  and  Admissions Officers; she is a past President
18    of the Parkway Community House Board of Directors, and she is
19    a former member of the Board of Directors for Hull House  and
20    the Human Resource Development Institute; and

21        WHEREAS,   Mrs.  King  was  recently  inducted  into  the
22    Englewood High School Alumni Hall of Fame and her meritorious
23    works have been cited in several publications including being
24    featured in Ebony Magazine's Speaking of People and listed in
25    several Who's Who Biographies; and

26        WHEREAS, Mrs. King has published several articles and  is
27    the  author of the book "Pledged to Remember - The History of
28    Central Region," Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; and

29        WHEREAS, Mrs. King earned her undergraduate  degree  from
30    Chicago  State  University  and  a Master of Arts degree from
31    Northeastern  Illinois  University;  in  2001,  she  and  her
32    husband, Paul J. King Jr. established the Loann and Paul King
                            -3-      LRB093 12055 HSS 16765 r
 1    Philanthropic Fund with the Chicago Community Trust  becoming
 2    the  Trust's  first  family donor advised fund established by
 3    African Americans; they have two adult sons, Paul J. King III
 4    and Timothy J. King; therefore, be it

 7    we congratulate Mrs. Loann J. Honesty King on the occasion of
 8    her retirement after 40 years of service as an  educator  and
 9    administrator,  and  we thank her for her devotion to student
10    advocacy; and be it further

11        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
12    presented  to  Loann  J. Honesty King as an expression of our
13    respect and esteem.