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Full Text of HJR0012  93rd General Assembly

HJR0012enr 93rd General Assembly


HJ0012 Enrolled                      LRB093 06705 AMC 06839 r

 1                      HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 12

 2        WHEREAS, The presence  of  mold  in  indoor  environments
 3    presents  a  public  health risk to the citizens of Illinois;
 4    and

 5        WHEREAS, Mold in schools, places of employment, and homes
 6    has been shown to adversely affect the  health  of  Illinois'
 7    children and senior citizens; and

 8        WHEREAS,  The adverse health effects of exposure to molds
 9    on the general population and the specific effects of mold on
10    certain  subpopulations,  including  infants,  children,  the
11    elderly, pregnant women,  asthmatics,  allergic  individuals,
12    immune-comprised  individuals,  and  others  are resulting in
13    illness and increased medical costs; and

14        WHEREAS,  The  United  States  Environmental   Protection
15    Agency   has   promulgated  advisory  standards  relating  to
16    permissible levels of mold in indoor environments; and

17        WHEREAS, The  State  of  California  has  passed  an  Act
18    regulating mold in indoor environments, including residential
19    homes and places of employment; and

20        WHEREAS, The Department of Health of the City of New York
21    has also adopted standards regulating mold exposure; and

22        WHEREAS,  Insurance costs in the State of Texas and other
23    states have risen dramatically due to claims relating to mold
24    in homes, businesses, and schools; therefore, be it

27    SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that there is created a Joint  Task
28    Force  on  Mold  in  Indoor  Environments  for the purpose of
29    examining   the   mold   issue   in   Illinois   and   making
30    recommendations to the General  Assembly  pertaining  to  the
HJ0012 Enrolled            -2-       LRB093 06705 AMC 06839 r
 1    regulation of mold in indoor environments in Illinois; and be
 2    it further

 3        RESOLVED,  That  the  Joint  Task Force on Mold in Indoor
 4    Environments   shall   be    comprised    as    follows:    2
 5    co-chairpersons,  each  a  member  of  the  General  Assembly
 6    appointed  one  each  by  the  Speaker  of  the House and the
 7    President of the Senate; 2 spokespersons, each  a  member  of
 8    the  General  Assembly  appointed  one  each  by the Minority
 9    Leader of the House and the Minority Leader  of  the  Senate;
10    and  the  Director  of Public Health, or his or her designee;
11    and be it further

12        RESOLVED, That  the  co-chairpersons  shall  appoint  the
13    remaining  members,  which  shall  not  exceed  20  and shall
14    represent the following: local  health  authorities;  medical
15    experts   on  the  health  effects  of  molds;  the  Illinois
16    Association of School Boards;  the  Illinois  Association  of
17    Realtors;  the  insurance  industry;  abatement  contractors;
18    abatement   consultants;   certified  industrial  hygienists;
19    accredited  certified   safety,   health,   and   environment
20    professionals;  licensed  environmental health practitioners;
21    representatives of employers; representatives  of  employees;
22    tenants organizations; building owner organizations; the Home
23    Builders   Association;  the  Chemical  Industry  Council  of
24    Illinois; the American Institute of Architects; and any other
25    interested parties; and be it further

26        RESOLVED, That the Joint Task Force members  shall  serve
27    on  a  voluntary basis and shall be responsible for any costs
28    associated with their participation in the Joint Task  Force;
29    and be it further

30        RESOLVED,  That  the Joint Task Force shall meet at least
31    quarterly   and   shall   summarize    its    findings    and
32    recommendations  in a report to the General Assembly no later
HJ0012 Enrolled            -3-       LRB093 06705 AMC 06839 r
 1    than June 1, 2004.