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SR0493LRB100 12626 MST 25952 r


2    WHEREAS, Around 160,000 babies are born in the State of
3Illinois each year and maternal health and, more specifically,
4the mental health of women before, during, and after pregnancy
5is an issue of great concern to women and their families and
6is, therefore, of interest to the State of Illinois; and
7    WHEREAS, Between 10 and 20% of new and expectant mothers
8are affected by perinatal depression and related mood disorders
9such as anxiety and psychosis, and they may experience
10associated symptoms, which are often overlooked and heavily
11stigmatized because new and expectant mothers suffering from a
12perinatal mood disorder often feel confused, ashamed, and
13isolated; and
14    WHEREAS, Many at-risk women may not seek help because they
15are not informed about perinatal depression and related mood
16disorders as part of their health care, because there is a lack
17of knowledge and use of screening and assessment tools, and
18because they are unaware of treatment and community supportive
19services for perinatal depression and related mood disorders;
21    WHEREAS, Heightened awareness and increased education
22among all residents in the State of Illinois regarding the



SR0493- 2 -LRB100 12626 MST 25952 r

1incidence of perinatal depression is critical; perinatal
2depression and related mood disorders affect all categories of
3women and teenage girls regardless of their age, race, or
4income level; perinatal depression can have a profound impact
5on the family and significantly contributes to adverse
6developmental and behavioral outcomes and attachment disorders
7in the young children of affected women; perinatal depression
8is highly treatable with therapeutic intervention such as
9medication, professional therapy and counseling, support
10groups, and community support services including crisis
11hotlines; therefore, be it
13ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we declare May of 2017
14and 2018 as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month in the State
15of Illinois; and be it further
16    RESOLVED, That the State of Illinois will encourage
17collaboration with State and national coalitions,
18organizations or agencies that are informed about and devoted
19to maternal mental health to facilitate increased awareness and
20education about perinatal depression and related mood
21disorders throughout the State, to explore and encourage the
22use of prenatal screening tools, and to improve the
23availability and access to effective treatment, prevention and
24support services for the promotion of maternal and infant



SR0493- 3 -LRB100 12626 MST 25952 r

1mental health whenever possible in the State of Illinois.